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Online PowerPoint Presentation Creator – Preezo


Preezo , an online presentation creator replaces desktop Microsoft powerpoint application to create, edit and share professional quality presentations over the web without any software or plugins. However, Preezo online powerpoint presentation creator isn’t as featureful as PowerPoint proper but has all the essential tools you need to create a full-on presentation minus desktop software.

Preezo - Online PowerPoint Presentation Creator

On Preezo, you can spice up your presentation slide shows with a little visual movement then check out their Slide Transitions feature. Not only can you make your slides wipe, push and fade, but you can also set your slides to advance automatically after a specified amount of time. Plus more, importing and exporting PowerPoint files also available on Preezo.

Preezo online powerpoint presentation creator also integrated with diagramming features, which you can create rectangles, ellipses, triangles, lines and more diagramming object on your presentation.

With Preezo online powerpoint presentation, you can enjoyed creating powerpoint advantages as below:

  1. You can create professional quality presentations using an ultra-fast Ajax user interface.
  2. Access your presentations from any computer with an Internet connection and a modern browser. And there’s no need for dedicated hosting to use Preezo.
  3. Reuse images or the content of entire slides from easy to use galleries.
  4. Save time and reduce headache by collaborating on a centralized web document.
  5. Distribute presentations to clients and colleagues without having to email huge PowerPoint files.

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