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Paint.COM – Free Image Editor Software like PhotoShop


Paint.com , Another free photo image editor provides basic image manipulations functionality for photo editing purpose. The Paint.COM naming is similar like Paint.NET but the images manipulation functionality is more advanced which Paint.COM allows you to edit pictures with layers like PhotoShop. Each layer can be assigned different effects.

Paint.COM free photo editor software

Meanwhile, Paint.COM can display images using any zoom factor and always shows 100% accurate preview of the drawn shape. Plus more, it also offers all the basic images editing features like blur, drop shadow, bevel, color adjustments and Perspective projection.

Difference between Paint.com and Paint.net:

  • Layers with assigned effects
  • Gamma-aware blending
  • Sub-pixel accuracy
  • Smooth zoom-in
  • Compatibility with Photoshop plug-ins

Other than the regular features, Paint.COM offers a couple of nifty functions which may not be very useful but fun to use.

  • Invoke commands using mouse gestures – perform a gesture with right mouse button and something (configure it!) happens. Undoing was never easier.
  • Vista glass-like effects – draw semitransparent shapes (using “Xxx with effect” tool) and the editor makes your shape look like a window frame on Windows Vista – it blurs background and adds shadow and reflection.
  • Tool presets – save and quickly restore your favorite gradients, tool settings, or colors.

Download Paint.COM

Updates : A new Paint.com images editor 2009 edition is available download now.

Features on Paint.com 2009

  • Official supports for portability.
  • Community driven translations.
  • Online page with tutorials and news.
  • Fill, move and lasso tools.
  • Minor tweaks to transformation tool.
  • Photoshop filter compatiblity fix.
Thanks to VIasta for the update…