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Picnik – Free Online Photo Editing Services


Picnik , An online photo editing services very simple and and more intuitive than most desktop apps, enables you edit images directly through your browser without downloading any software or plugin. This services is flash based application which is free online photo editing and even no registration required for use their services.


Picnic features

For photo source, you can grab photos from variety of sources like your computer drive, your flickr account, remote website, Yahoo Search or even your web-cam. On photo editing features, You can then auto-fix, rotate, crop and sharpen your image, rotate it and adjust variables like the brightness and contrast which similar like pxn8.com. Once finished, you can export to Imageshack, Photobucket, Nakama, Flickr, Fotolog and other services if you have register an account under picnik. 😛

i can feel that picnik online photo editing services is fast and nature. The picnik services is a combination of front end with Adobe Flex, and the back end is done using Python. But i still prefer pxn8.com photo editing services since i have been using for long time.
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