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Remove ads from Windows Live Messenger.


If you install Windows Live Messenger, you will feel that the advertisements shown on the main window and the chat windows (message windows) of Windows Live Messenger is pretty annoying and disturbing your visual when you’re chatting.

Here are few ways to remove, disable and get rid of the ads on Windows Live Messenger so that the messenger is ads free without disturb your chatting.

Remove ads from Windows Live Messenger Ways:

1) Modify the Windows Hosts file.

The Hosts file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names.
It is located at C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc.

Just Open your Hosts file with notepad and add the following entry to it. rad.msn.com

Explanation : This remove ads on Windows live messenger trick is mainly modify the live messenger ads loading server address. So, it always translate rad.msn.com as localhost ( which no ads located.

2) Blocking Live Messenger Web Address ( rad.msn.com)

Just Launch Internet Explorer > Click Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Restricted Sites > Click Sites.

Now type ” http://rad.msn.com” in the text field.

Click Add > Close > OK.

Exit IE.

Explanation : This remove live messenger trick is done by using block your computer access rad.msn.com. Once block, Windows live messenger will not fill with ads anymore.

3. Third party utility to remove ads on Windows Live Messenger


An utility can remove live messenger ads or msn messenger easily. Beside of remove ads on live messenger, a patch features a lot remove customization aspects for Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger. it support remove ads utility for Windows live messenger, MSN messenger and yahoo messenger.

Live Advert Remove

Live Advert Remover (Live Messenger Advert Remover formerly known as MSN Advert Removal) blocks all advertisement banners from being displayed in Live Messenger. It works with all versions of Live and MSN Messengers. You need to run it only once to “patch” your system.

Hope this remove ads live messenger trick can remove the annoying ads from your windows live messenger. 🙂