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Setup Mac OS X Dock Launcher on Windows using RocketDock


Setup a Mac OS X Dock launcher on Windows has been easily using RocketDock. It’s a tiny and powerful software that bring the Mac OS X dock launcher application on windows which the windows dock launcher is a great way to open commonly used applications, shortcuts, documents, and other files. Beside that, Windows user can save a lot of time dealing with Windows start menu or Quick Launcher toolbar.

Windows Mac OS X Dock - RocketDock

Beside that, RocketDock Windows Mac OS X dock also support multiple screen and allow you to adds as many shortcuts and document as you want. Plus more, you can even minimize running applications and highly customized which position, layering , icons and animation on RocketDock. You can watch the movie preview of RocketDock Windows Mac OSX Dock as below :

What i can say this RocketDock is absolutely a wonderful application that can increase your windows usability and productivity. Plus more, you will noticed that the animation and transition are very smooth which it’s totally not slowing down your computer. Meanwhile, it comes with a lot cool icons that decorating your windows icons which you can choose your favour icon on their RocketDock Addon section.

The Windows Mac OSX Dock like RocketDock is totally free to use and it support Windows Vista and XP only.

So, do you prefer something like RocketDock placed on your computer. Let me know your thought in comment.. 🙂

Download Windows Mac OSX Dock – RocketDock