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Setup Own Job Board Website using JobberBase


Thinking setup job board / Job recruitment website, perhaps try out JobberBase open source job board software to setup your own job posting website for single-industry recruitment.

JobberBase is open source job board software extracted from the successful Romanian IT job board jobber.ro, which you can use it free of charge, for anything you like (including commercial applications). All you need is maintain their copyright and license remarks.

The design of JobberBase job board services is very clean and simple to use, The entire job board website is written in PHP with a MySQL database. Fast, efficient code with AJAX features that makes the job recruitment site fun and quick to install and customize.

Setup your own job board system using jobberbase system

Beside that, JobberBase Job board system includes some popular features of modern job recruitment features like Post jobs without an account, Search for jobs, Apply to jobs, RSS feeds of latest jobs and Site-widget which can be places on other websites for displaying current jobs.

Setting up Jobberbase job board system is pretty easy; all you need is a web hosting services that support PHP 5+ and MySQL 4.1+ and Apache module mod_rewrite enabled.

After that, you can follow installation / setup guide on JobberBase Official site to setup own job based website for your own or commercial recruitment purpose.

Currently Jobberbase latest release is version 1.9  1.2, I believe this job board system has a great potential and coming future will have more job recruitment features added on their software. Plus more, the functionality of jobberbase job recruitment system should be sufficient to build your own job recruitment site in small scale already.

Download Jobberbase Job Based Software