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Windows 7 Screenshot – Real or Fake ?


After Windows 7 Screenshot appeared at Thinknext a Chinese blog. The Windows 7 screenshot has been a hot topic over the internet. Some geek believed that those window 7 screenshot were fake which is a Photoshop images and prove to the guy who posted the window 7 screenshots is wrong.

However, the ThinkNext author post another Windows 7 Screenshot updates to clarify that those wasn’t a photoshop windows 7 screenshot creation by showing images and video to prove those were real windows 7 screenshot indeed. Plus more,  he also stated the windows 7 M1 operating system trial that running will be stop running on May 7, 2008.

Look at Windows 7 screenshots posted by ThinkNext below:

Windows 7 Desktop Interface

Windows 7 System about interface

Windows 7 System information interface

Here is the second post images comparison and Windows 7 video:

Vista Computer management screenshot

windows vista Computer management screenshot

Windows 7 Computer management screenshot

windows 7 Computer management screenshot

Windows 7 Video

After viewing through the Windows 7 screenshot and windows 7 video that posted by that guy. Me also suspected the desktop interfaces looks more like Windows Vista. I think is a computer tricks like Vista transformation pack method which we can transform XP to vista interface. Meanwhile, WinVista club stated that Microsoft confirm that Windows 7 will not release at 2009 and win 7 development will take approximately three years. I think microsoft windows 7 will not leaked that fast.

So, Whats your opinion after viewing the images and windows 7 video, do you think this Windows 7 screenshot is real or fake?