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SilentEye: Free Steganography Tool Hide message on Picture or Sound


Have you ever wished to hide your message or file? Probably Yes! We all do this to protect our files and messages. There are various steganography tools available which help us to hide data other than its normal form. But, none of the tools had so simple easy-to-use GUI or had certain complications. SilentEye is above all, it makes steganography a breeze.

SilentEye is a free steganography tool with a neat and clean interface. It has got so simple GUI, which is itself revealing how to use it. It can hide i.e. encode messages/files within image files and can also decode hidden messages/files back from the encoded image.

SilentEye Interface - Hide Image

To encode a message or a file, just add image via drag &drop or just browse using the file browser to image location. Now Click on Encode button to encode your file or message. Presently, the output format supported is only BMP. Using the Encode message window you can tweak the image quality, if you are using an image which is of small size not sufficient to hold the encoded data of your file then you can decrease the quality of output image.

Encode Message on file or sound file

To decode the encoded image just drag and drop the image in to main window and hit ‘Decode’ button to get your decoded file. Now you can get your embedded message or can save your file in your machine.

Silent Eye Decode Message on file or sound file


Media format and encryption are supported by plug-ins :

  • Format Plug-in :
    • Image format plug-ins (ex: BMP, JPEG), which allow you to save informations into output files (ex: .jpeg).
    • Audio format plug-ins (ex: WAVE), provided output for .wav files
  • Cryptography plug-ins:
    • Allow application to encrypte data before hidding them (ex: AES 256)

Using this architecture provides easy integration of new steganography algorithm and cryptography process.

SilentEye is a free and open source steganography tool. It provides many plugins. It is developed using Qt cross-platform application framework and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download SilentEye – Simple Steganography Tool