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SmarterMail Free – Free Email Server Software


SmarterMail Free, a free email server software that provides good email server services to manage your small scale email hosting. This free email server server can consider the best Microsoft exchange alternative to host businesses email and email hosting companies. Plus more, This free windows mail server software including webmail, antivirus, full collaboration, a free email server software edition, and more.

Once finish setting your startermail free email server, you can start managing the spool, add users and domains, set alerts for possible dictionary attacks, watch bandwidth usage and emails sent, and much more via a web based administration interface. Then, your email user can start accessing your email account from anywhere and anytime using a standard web browser or standard email client. For email administrators, it lets them manage tasks via web browser or automate tasks by using flexible API. They can add users and domains can set alerts for dictionary attacks, watch bandwidth usage, email sent and many more things.

Smartermail Free - Free Email application

Besides offering email solutions, Startermail also combines full functionality of a desktop client features like calender, contacts and task and etc to give users the ability to communicate and collaborate around the clock from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

You can even migrate from any mail service with SmarterMail Free. It can move a single mail box or entire domain from mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. It also helps in preserving email history with full email archiving. It provides searchable message archiving at the mail box, domain and system level for inbound and outbound email messages.

On email mobility, SmarterMail also capable synchronization of email, contacts, calendars with email client like Thunderbird, and Zimbra Desktop. It can even synchronize with latest smart phones with the help of exchange active sync and syncml technologies.

On security side, SmarterMail free email server also provides with strong antispan and antivirus features. The smartermail has the capacity for achieving about 97% spam protection upon set up and installation. It also has dozens of security protocols that prevent the mail server. Plus more, SmarterMail offers free language packs and dictionaries and provide multi language functionality. By this you can view the SmarterMail interface in their native language and can check their emails for spell errors in more then 20 languages.

SmarterMail – Free Email Server Software Features are:

  • Web mail and web collaboration for around 10 mailboxes on a single domain.
  • There are no nagging pops up screens or time limits in free version.
  • Detailed reporting at the server, domain and mailboxes levels to provide insight to mail server performance.
  • Events and notifications helps in simplifying and automated tasks.
  • SmarterMail is available for free. It can be downloaded and used for free.

However, there is some limitation on SmarterMail Free version. Which you can creates maximum 10 emails user account only under one domain name. But it’s still a good free email server solution for small business companies due superior stability and low maintenance cost to host your email server.

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