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Top 5 Sites Talk To Random Strangers


Do you get bored while surfing on the internet? Is social networking sites like Facebook started being monotonous for you? If these are the symptoms, then why not try and find someone else to talk to.  Someone else here refers to strangers of course. None of the parties know whom they are talking to. If you find the people at other end boring, you can always end the conversion and start with a new one.  There are various numbers of services that provides the facility of chatting to strangers.

Here are my five favourite “talk to stranger” services:-

1) Omegle


Omegle is a pretty simple site to talk to strangers with it`s simple interface. As soon as visit the site, you will see two options; first one indicating text chat and second one for people interested in video chat. Just click on Start a chat button and get connected to a stranger. If in case, you find the other party boring, you can disconnect the conversion at that point and try again. The site automatically connects you to other random partner.

2) OnlyChat


OnlyChat differs from the stranger in a way that the conversation starts once you decide about the gender you want to talk to. You also need to specify the language that you speak.

3) Iddin


Iddin is similar to the services offered by Omegle, having similar interface as well. However, it supports various other services like creating free online chat rooms, chat with friends etc.

4) Anybodyoutthere


It is another online chatting service which chooses a person similar to your taste according to the phrase that you write initially. You also have to specify the language you speak. It will show list of available people; once you confirm the person you want to talk to, the site connects you to the person.

5) RandomChat


It is again a ‘talk to stranger’ service which initially demands the languages you speak about. You also need to have Java and Cookies enabled.

Above mentioned sites can act as great boredom killers. What are your views on it? Do let us know.