Home Software Slow-PC Fighter:- Speeds up a slow PC effectively

Slow-PC Fighter:- Speeds up a slow PC effectively


There are many instances when we feel that our computer has become slow. It is very irritating for us starring the screen, hoping for things to happen very fast. Well, to overcome such a problem there are various utilities, Slow PC Fighter is one such software which analyzes the errors letting to slowing down of PC and removes it effectively.

It also takes care of registry entries and removes the entries made by failed software, faulty driver installations etc. Thus, Slow PC Fighter will make your computer speed back to its original speed. It will solve the problems of your PC getting crashed.


Analyzing the errors manually is quite tough and you might land up deleting some important system files. Here comes the importance of utilities like Slow-PC Fighter. For just trying the product, you can even do the free scan of your computer by visiting the home site.

The size of the software is 1.15 MB. However, it is not free and comes with a free trial period limit. The software runs on all Windows platform including XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit).

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