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Top Free Android Ringtone Maker Apps To Create Custom Ringtones


Everybody who owns a smartphone wants to set a unique or catchy ringtone on their Android phone. The average Joe wants to use such a ringtone or notification tone that attracts the attention of the people nearby, when their android phone rings. People like to keep all sorts of wacky ringtones like the Angry Birds theme music, Super Mario background score etc.

It may happen that you like a part of a particular song, and want to use it as a ringtone but don’t know how to create one? Some people actually download and use ringtones from their network operators, who charge money for such a small task, just because they don’t know how to make custom ringtones. Thankfully, technology has evolved so much that users can now create a ringtone of their favorite track right from their smartphone or their PC’s web browser in just a few simple steps.

If you own an Android phone, you can easily create a ringtone with the help of any of the ringtone making apps mentioned below. Not only do these apps allow you to cut and/or crop a certain portion of a song, they can also add a fade in/fade out effect, along with boosting the volume level of the song.

Free Android Ringtone Maker Apps

Lucky Star MP3 Ringtone Maker – Android Ringtone Maker

Users who are looking for a basic, no-frills ringtone making app for Android should give MP3 Ringtone Maker from developer Lucky Star a try.
Android Ringtone Maker - LuckyStar
The app is extremely basic in nature, and does not feature any of the advanced features like fade in/out and the ability to boost volume etc. like its competitors.

Ringtone Architect – Android Ringtone Maker

Users who are looking for a ringtone making app with some advanced features should have a look at Ringtone Architect.
The android ringtone app will be able to fulfill all their needs, but just barely though. The app has all the basic features of MP3 Ringtone Maker covered, and some advanced features like customizable fade-in/out time, the ability to adjust ringtone volume, assign ringtones to specific contacts and much more, all in a simple and pretty okay is UI. The Pro version of the app does not offer any extra functionality, and only removes advertisements from the app.

Ringtone Architect - Android Ringtone Maker

Big Bang Inc. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker from Big Bang Inc is another decent ringtone making app for Android. Unlike Ringtone Architect, Ringtone Maker allows users to sort their music library via the Artist name or Album name. The app also has all the advanced features of Ringtone Architect covered.
Android Ringtone Maker - BigBang


Mobile 17 Android Ringtone Maker

There is another ringtone making app on the Android Market, which shares the same name as the one by Big Bang Inc. – Ringtone Maker. Unlike all other ringtone making apps, Ringtone Maker from Mobile17 Inc. matches the user’s song selection to its online database.

It then shows them songs similar to their selection or the exact song if it is present in their database, and its popular edits/ringtones. If users like a particular edit of the song, they can directly download the edit and use it as a ringtone, thus saving their time. Alternatively, they can also skip this and create an own custom ringtone of their desired song.

Myxer Ringtone Maker

One interesting ringtone making app on the Android Market is Myxer. Apart from its basic function of making ringtones, the app allows users to browse its online catalogue of thousands of ringtones. Users can listen to any ringtone before downloading it. The app will soon add a catalogue of wallpapers and videos as well. The UI of the app is sub-par though.

Myxer - Android Ringtone maker

Melofonia Android Ringtone Maker

Some users might find creating ringtones on their PC more convenient, and then transferring them to their smartphones. These users can use a ringtone making website, instead of using any dedicated app.

Melofania - Android Ringtone Maker
The whole ringtone making ‘app’ is Flash based, and works smoothly. The online ringtone maker site allows creating ringtones which are only 30 seconds long, which makes sense since your phone only rings for a maximum of around 50 seconds when someone calls you. After creating a ringtone users can download it in either .mp3 format, which is supported by Android phones as well as the ones running Symbian or Bada. iPhone users can download the ringtone in .m4a format, which is optimized for iOS.

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