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Watch Soccer Live Matches Online With SopCast


Watching the soccer live matches online has been easy since most country internet is supported high bandwidth. With high bandwidth internet access, you can simply enjoy watching the soccer live matches on internet TV application especially when there are big matches on Champion leagues, UEFA Cup , English Premiership league and etc.

So, here is an internet TV application named as SopCast to help out watching soccer live matches onlin especially there is no TV broadcasting on your country channel.

As I more prefer Sopcast internet TV application because it support english language and easy to install. Meanwhile, Sopcast application can been watch on Full windows size with the support of Windows media player. For sure the full size windows will consume a lot of internet bandwidth.

Step to use for watching soccer live matches online:

Step 1: Download and Install the Sopcast software

  • Download the Sopcast internet software at SopCast website
  • After finish downloading, unzip the files and install the Sopcast internet TV application. Then you will see a Sopcast desktop icons on your desktop.

sopcast sport channelStep 2: Using SopCast and Finding Sport Channel

  • You can always login the sopcast internet tv application as ” Anonymous “.  Once successfully login, You can start searching the sport channel on channel tab.
  • As you will see there are dozens of Sports Channels listed. The numbers in brackets next to the name of each channel is the number of peers streaming the channel. Channels with more peers usually have a better live streaming.
  • Just double click to watch the sport channel.

Step 3: Search Soccer Matches Broadcast match schedule on which channel

  • Here is a wonderful list soccer live matches schedule website that list down up to date soccer matches on which channel. ( Football4less ). . This sites nearly cover all soccer channels based  the football league or tournament you want to watch online, or the date of the football match that you want to watch.

When every time you select a sport channel at  sopcast TV application. It will start buffering the games around 35-40 second for streaming the channel broadcast. Meanwhile, The online TV broadcasting is slightly latency at first but it wills slightly improves after the there is more peer is connected.

Some option that available on SopCast, The soccer games will been watched on Sopcast Windows.  If you click on the small icon in the bottom-right hand corner this will let you watch the game in Windows Media Player, where you can re-size the window. Or you can click the “S” which will open the video Full Screen.