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WordPress Images Hotlink protection plugin – Protect Blog Images from images theft / hotlinking


WordPress Hotlink protection plugin , A useful plugin that avoid being hotlink by spam blogs, forums, etc without your authorization. Meanwhile, preventing feed readers or images theft use your images on their website and use up all your server bandwidth without any noticed. Meanwhile, i have try using image hotlinking using .htaccess approach or my web control panel, but it didn’t work because images weren’t visible for RSS Readers.

wordpress images hotlink protection pictures

forbid pictureHowever, Thanks to Lim Dul for the creation of Images Hotlink protection plugin that helps prevent image hotlinking as easy as installing and activating. This images protection plugin will blocks image hotlinking by displaying this following image by default.

How WordPress Hotlink protection plugin works:

  • Referrer check if someone requests an image from your blog.
    If the referrer is not empty and not your blog the request is redirected to an information image
  • The image urls in the feed are replaced by an alternate url. This url is not protected by a referrer check so online feed readers get the image

What WordPress Hotlink Protection plugin doesn’t do:

  • It doesn’t protect the images in the feed. So hotlinking the image urls from the feed is possible. But in my opinion it is nearly impossible to protect this images without breaking some online feed readers.
  • It doesn’t prevent someone from downloading your images and placing them on their own webspace

Download Hotlink Protection Plugin for WordPress.