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Best WordPress Anti Spam plugin To Flight WordPress Spam Comment


Blog spam comment is nothing new either and there are plenty spam blocking resources dealing with the blog spam problem. But, one thing is always asked above the rest “What’s the best WordPress Spam blocker Plugin ?” There are many users creating wordpress spam comment, usually for the purposes of gaming the search engine system, but there are ways to fight comment spam.

There are a lot of different wordpress anti spam plugins that have come and gone, and some are extremely helpful and have done an excellent job in keeping out spam. Many experienced blog writers have used and experimented with different options, so here is a list of some of the best wordpress anti spam plugins that will stop your WordPress blog from the becoming a spammers playground.

Fight WordPress Spam with Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins:

WP-Spam Free

This wordpress spam filter has been described as being an extremely powerful wordpress anti spam plugin. It makes your blog almost impervious to comment spam. But, it has been known to pull extra resources from users servers. If your blog has a lot of high traffic, then you should definitely be using this plugin to eliminate WordPress spam comment. Getting a lot of wordpress spam comments will end when you install this plugin. This plugin is used by a lot of bloggers who vouch for it’s dependability and secureness.
WP-Spam Free - WordPress Plugin to prevent spam


Your wordpress blog has to be secure and this anti spam software is an excellent option because it not only works with WordPress, but it has other versions for platforms such as Movable Type, Drupal and Blogger. This wordpress anti spam service from Automattic has helped thousands of professional bloggers keep their blog secure and spam free. This anti wordpress spam comment product is great for WordPress and an excellent addition to any blog format. There’s no reason that this plugin should not be used for your blog.
Akismet - Free WordPress anti-Spam plugin

Bad Behavior

What a terrific name for a WordPress spam filter. This amazing little script was developed to combat the wave of spam bots that infest every day blogs. It’s not a WordPress only format, it’s available for other blog formats, so if you have multiple blogs on different formats, you can easily manage Bad Behavior on all of your blogs. It’s easy on your server and has a plethora of available content management systems. It’s an excellent option that will help keep your blog safe from wordpress spammers.
Bad Behavior - Best WordPress plugin against spam


Another wonderful wordpress spam blocker, which ensures that the client is a human by using Javascript and PHP crypt() functionality to generate random crypted value on the comments page. If clients with Javascript enabled will never notice any difference. For users without Javascript, they will have to copy/paste a short code into a textbox to confirm.


This is another amazing wordpress security plugin that combats wordpress spam comment. It goes beyond fighting spam and helps to eliminate automated registrations and stops automated contact forms from being submitted. This is basically a CAPTCHA that makes the commenter type out the phrase in order to post. It’s a simple feature that protects your blog from comment spam. If you don’t want to rely on more advanced options, then this plugin will protect your blog free of charge. It’s simple and easy to use and it won’t affect your readers experience.
SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam - WordPress plugin for spam
There are many more wordpress spam plugins which might come in handy to prevent wordpress spam. But make sure you do keep an eye on the spam folder so that good, informative comments don’t get wrongly flagged as spam.

If you know other wordpress anti spam plugin should be mention above, Please share your thoughts !