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Best Free Media Center Software


Here is a best free media center software list that allows users display HD movie and audio files on high definition televisions by incorporating larger fonts and elegant media center interfaces. With these free media center Software, you’re no longer  required to sit in front of a computer screen to view your media files. So, below is a best free media center list that I have gathered can turn your computer become entertainment center without any cost.

Free Media Center Software List:

XBMC – Open Source Media Center


XBMC is a non-profit project that is run by users from around the globe. More than 50 software developers worked together to bring XBMC to the general public free of charge. This superior media center software offers good media library features as well as custom backdrops and skins. When dealing with your media library, you simply point to a folder containing your specific type of file that you want to open, such as movies, and XBMC takes over to do the rest. XBMC will scan folders, files, subfolders, and even download all relevant content from the Internet that is necessary.

XBMC is available for Mac OSX, Linux, Windows and the original Xbox. While it works wonderfully as a standard media application on your computer, it really shines when it is allowed access to your home theater for your PC. XBMC has been designed for network playback, so you can stream from anywhere in your home or from the Internet depending on your protocols. If you need help or have questions, the community around XBMC is large, knowledgeable, and supportive. It is definitely worth trying out XBMC, you may never use another free media software application again.

Plex Media Center for Mac 


While Plex Media Center is only available for Mac users, it is worth looking at it for a free alternative. Plex Media Center is basically a Mac version of XBMC, since it was taken from the code in 2008. The immediate similarities are obvious, however, there are several areas that Plex Media has improved upon over XBMC.

The plug-in management for Plex Media is convenient and easy. It has a number of add-ons that are not currently available in XBMC such a international television shows. Plex Media even offers a movie trailer that appeal to a wide variety of movie lovers.

The mouse support, however, in Plex Media is not as tight as with XBMC. You basically have to use the keyboard to navigate the media center making it a bit inconvenient for someone who is comfortable lying on the sofa. Otherwise, Plex Media Center for OSX is a strong free media software application that can bring you out of your office and into your living room.

Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is a digital video recorder and media player developed by Microsoft. It is an application that allows users to view and record live television, as well as organize and play music and videos. The application is included in various versions of Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate and all editions of Windows 7 except for Starter and Home Basic.

Moovida – Free Media Center


Moovida is your one stop for multimedia needs, organizing and reproducing all your audio and video media from 1 intuitive application. it supports ALL media formats avi, mkv, mp3, mp4, and many more. Moovida has two interfaces – one optimized for managing your files on the PC and the other optimized for finding and playing your media files on the TV or PC. Connect your PC to your TV using a simple HDMI, a VGA or a S-Video cable and an audio cable.

Media Portal

Media Portal

Media Portal is another wonderful media center software similar like Windows media center. It allows you listen to your favorite music & radio, watch and store your videos and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV as a digital video recorder and much more.

The best part of Media Portal is supporting a lots of other third party plugins to increase the media portal media center functionality like WebBrowser, Outlook software , Skype and etc.

While there are other free media center software packages, these two are truly superior to the others currently on the market. If you are strictly Mac based, you may prefer Plex Media Center for OSX, however, since XBMC is available for OSX it may not be worth the effort to try the Plex Media version. It simply comes down to preference.

If you know any free media center for PC should included on above list, share with us !