Create free iPhone Ringtone with iTunes


A create free iPhone Ringtone using iTunes tips covers by Apple blog to teach iphone user how to create free create free ringtones on iPhone using only iTunes and songs already have on your computer.

However, this create free iphone ringtone method only works with the song that are DRM free. Plus more, this method has been tested and works with iTunes 7.7.1 and iPhone 2.0.1 firmware.

Below is the step posted by the Apple iphone blog how to create custom iphone ringtone using iTunes

To create custom iPhone ringtones using iTunes:

  1. Right click on the song you are going to make into a ringer and select “Get Info.”
  2. Go to the options tab and go down to the “Start Time” and “Stop Time” check boxes. Check both boxes and input the time you want your ringer to start/stop. The ringer has to be 30 seconds or less. Click OK when you’re done.
  3. Right click on your newly “clipped” song and select “Convert Selection to AAC.” The song will be re-encoded using the start and stop times determined (If your menu item does not read “Convert Selection to AAC” and reads “Convert Slection to MP3? (or some other format) please go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Importing and change the “Import Using” drop down menu to “AAC Encoder”).create free iphone ringtones using itunes
  4. After the song is done encoding navigate to your iTunes Music folder, locate your song, and drag it to your desktop. After the song is on your desktop go back to iTunes and delete the clipped version from you iTunes library (It won’t delete it from your desktop, it will only remove it from iTunes).
  5. Go back the song on your desktop and right click on your song and chose “Get info.” Go to the name and extension section and change the extension from .m4a to .m4r (or you can just change the extension right from your desktop)
  6. After the extension is changed simply double click on the file to add it to your iTunes library under the ringtones section. Sync your phone with iTunes and you’re done!

Noted: Remember to go back into iTunes and un-check your custom start and stop times for the original version of your song.

This creates free iphone ringtone using iTunes tips also support iPhone 3G.

Via TheAppleBlog

  • JohnnyV

    Wow, that’s a pretty cool tutorial. I’ll have to try it with my iPhone when I get home

  • dave

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  • Steph

    hey thanks for that it’s really cool and works amazingly!!

  • Z

    Ive tried doing all the above steps, but when i rename the song and double click on it, it shows under all music and not under the ringtone section on i-tunes (cannot play either)
    Ive spent hours trying and nothing seems to work!
    Pzzzz can some genius help me???!!!!

  • km


    Why not you try out using iphone ringtone application. On related post there got two post creating iphone ringtone. Either using iRinger or iPhone Ringtone maker 2


    I encountered the same problem but I found that what you need to do is "remove" the song from iTunes Music (DELETE but choose Keep the Files) when prompted.
    After that, when you double click the file, iTunes will add the file under RingTones.

    Hope this works for you.

  • Markymark

    Thanks for the info on the ringtones. Just got my iphone and i’m using Itunes version 8 and the phone software is 2.01. The above info worked a treat, no problems.

  • Ajay Gowry

    I’m so glad I found you! I was about to give in and buy the ringtone from iTunes… This worked a dream and I’ve now added three ringtones. Thank you!

  • iphonenewbe

    I have gotten it all figured out….except once it goes into ringtones I cant get it to sync into my phone.
    I read that it should show up under custom, but I cant even get it to sync.
    It is in ringtones, but what do I do from here??

  • G-babe

    Muito bom o tutorial, agora estou transformando minhas músicas preferidas em ringtones, porém o problema surgiu ao adicionar as músicas na pasta ringtones do Itunes. Se eu adiciono mais de uma música no meu Iphone aparece 3 vezes a primeira música. Alguém pode me ajudar?

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  • Gwen

    Thanks for the wonderful tip

  • ash

    i got stuck on step 5, PLEASE help !
    when i right click on the song in my desktop “get info” does not appear, what should i do ??

  • KBB

    Its very simple.
    1. Open itunes -> ring tones. Drag your new song into that section.
    2. Sync with your IPhone.
    3. Go to Iphone -> Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone.
    4. You will find the new song under Custom ringtones.

    It worked for me.

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    Please also check for free ringtones.

  • Macsy

    Hi, there’s a good app to do it – Ringbuilder: Hope it’ll help you guys coz it was really useful 4me