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Create and Share Your Own Animation Stories Online with GoAnimate


GoAnimate, an online animation stories creator that allow you create our own stories through online animation options and custom design capabilities. This online animation stories creator is developed based on Adobe flex.

To create your carton animation online, you can start select one of GoAnimate’s template designs that available or either design from scratch. Beside that, you can add add scenes to your animation or a video clip. Then adding the cartoon animation characters are plentiful and completely customizable. You can even add your face or photo to a cartoon. After that, access the GoAnimate library to set of characters, dialogue bubbles, backgrounds, music and sound effects, and visual effects.

GoAnimate - Online cartoon movie creator

Once finishing setting the character and scene, you can start establish cartoon animation movements by selection what actions and expressions over all your scenes. After finish creating the animation stories, you can save your cartoon animation title, description and tags. Plus more, GoAnimate also indicating whether you want your cartoon animation be public or private.

No doubt that GoAnimate is a fun place to get creative, share your work and have fun. It’s online cartoon animation workspace interface is easy to use which all aged can play around it.

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