DirectX 11 – The UpComing Microsoft DirectX Technology will be announce Soon


Direct X 11

After release the final DirectX 10.1, Microsoft has stop DirectX 10 development and no other news about the upcoming Microsoft DirectX 11 technology.

However,  the DirectX technology heat up again whereby rumors say that Microsoft will be start talking about DirectX 11 in less than two weeks time. According to source, Microsoft planning officially announce the DirectX 11 development on coming Microsoft game technology conference ( Gamefest 2008 ).

The DirectX 11 technology will builds on the existing DirectX 10 API set and some of new features including tessellation, multi threaded rendering, computer shaders, Shader Model 5, and more will be introduce to speed fast with the next generation of rendering technology.

Meanwhile, some of IT journalist predict that DirectX 11 will be released with Windows 7 together. Similar way like the released of DirectX 10 together with Vista.

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