Free Command & Conquer: Red Alert Download


After release free download Command & Conquer Gold Edition, Electronic Arts is giving away the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert ISO image as a free download in celebration of the 13th anniversary of the Red Alert series and this October’s highly anticipated return to the world of Red Alert with Red Alert 3.

free Command & Conquer: Red Alert game download

As i know, this free Command & Conquer: Red Alert download version has been sold more than 25 million copies to date. Plus more, playing this Command & Conquer: Red Alert is fun and does not requires and high end computer.

On free Command & Conquer: Red Alert download, there are two version of command & conquer game ISO images available:

1. Command & Conquer: Red Alert Soviet ISO Images (502Mb)

2. Command & Conquer: Red Alert Allied ISO Images ( 499Mb)

Once download Command & Conquer: Red Alert ISO images, you can then burn red alert ISO images to a CD / DVD using CD burner software.

This Command & Conquer: Red Alert free download version work under Windows XP and older Windows programs down to Windows 95.  While Vista is not officially supported. However EA suggests going to various fan sites for tips to run the game on that OS.

Download Links for free Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Official Command & Conquer: Red Alert Download Link – EASports
File Shack – Allied Disc
File Shack – Soviet Disc
• (North America Mirror) – Allied Disc
• (North America Mirror) – Soviet Disc
• (Europe Mirror) – Allied Disc
• (Europe Mirror) – Soviet Disc
• (Asia Mirror) – Allied Disc
• (Asia Mirror) – Soviet Disc

  • ahmed ahmed

    dear sir
    i am a dentist staying in uae and i made an e-bay and i bought red alert 6 cds by bidding , i really was sorry to do so because i got the cds and i dont have the serial number of the generals 2 cds and the zero hour 2 cds, can you help me if this could be solved. thank you

  • asad

    search on ggooogggle for command and conquer generals and zero hour keys u will surely find them

  • fidel cuevas

    how to download and install the command and conquer to my pc for free.

  • sumon

    i want to red alart 2

  • km


    Can you download Red Alert2 on this link :

  • Jean-Lévy

    Command and conquer red alert dont works even with the windows 95 compatibility mod help

  • jay david

    hi please help me on how to install red alert in my pc cause my pc is windows 7 ultimate how to make it work while the game is windows xp only please help me and where to download a free red alert game where it can accept windows 7 ultimate thanks

  • Bakes_r

    yeah.. can you also help me. i also want to install it but my pc is windows 7. i really love that game please help us.

  • cham

    anybody can help me download red alert2 pls…………..