• Allen

    How about Techinline (www.techinline.com)? Their connection process is just plain dead simple

    • km


      Techinline definitely is another simple remote desktop software to use. However, techinline is not a freeware, which you need to pay a sum to use their services for long terms.

  • paul acourt

    HI – thanks for a great page of info and links. Just one question: are there any risks of one’s operating system being compromised or crashed by downloading one of the free remote-control programmes ?
    Thanks in advance,

    • km


      I have using some of the remote desktop software for the past few year and doesn’t experiences any compromised or crashed on any computer.

      Mostly the compromised is due to weak password on remote desktop software. Just ensure the complex password is enter on the software.

  • Hi KM,

    Thanks for reviewing and including Mikogo in your list of remote desktop tools. Just so you know, we are working on Version 4 of Mikogo which will not only include new features, it will also be multi-lingual.

    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team
    Twitter: @Mikogo