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Free Cloud AntiVirus Software Download List

Panda cloud antivirus free

Cloud Antivirus is a computer security software utilizing cloud computing methodologies to protect your Windows computer.

Cloud Antivirus doesn’t similar like traditional desktop antivirus software, which it doesn’t stores any virus signature definition on local computer hard drives. It able to scan all your computer files through the internet connection and run the virus scanning tests using security companies cloud computing server.

Meanwhile, All Cloud antivirus scanning processes is extremely light and doesn’t affect any computer activity nor will slowing down computer performance.

So, I have gathered a number of free cloud anti viruses software that able to protect your Windows system away from virus and malicious files thread. This best free cloud anti virus software list doesn’t indicate any ranking but it is good to give them a try if you are not ready to buy an anti virus solution.

Best Free Cloud Antivirus Software List:

Panda Cloud Antivirus – Free Cloud Antivirus Software

Panda cloud antivirus free

Panda Cloud Antivirus perhaps is the first cloud antivirus on the security market. This free cloud antivirus is using cloud computing technology to protect / faster against the newest malware variants without impacting PC performance. Meanwhile, Panda Cloud anti virus can works with other desktop antivirus software simultaneously provides better level security protection for your computer.

With the cloud-based scanning from Panda Labs’ servers, it has shorten the virus scanning time to 6 minutes, thus becoming the lightest and fastest antivirus service. It supports Windows 7, Vista and XP (32bit) operating systems. Plus more, the latest Panda cloud antivirus version is Version 1.0.1

Panda Cloud Antivirus Features:

  • Behavioural blocking. Proactive, signature-less, protection against malicious actions typically used by malware. Generic blocking of malicious PDF / DOC / XLS / PPT / WMV and etc.
  • Panda Cloud Anti virus is compatible with both 32 and 64bit Windows Operating Systems such as XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Advanced configuration: User have the ability to turn on / off and tweak the behavior of the different engines, cloud responses, advanced logging, recycle bin settings, exclusions, etc.
  • Self-protection of the AV processes and configurations.
  • Re-do detections that were previously un-done so that they are detected again.
  • USB immunization component that prevent flash drive based programs from running automatically (Version 2 feature)

Besides that, Panda cloud antivirus does not need connected to the Internet all the time in order to be protected. Cloud Antivirus will stores a “local cache copy” of Collective Intelligence for offline operation. As soon as you disconnect, Cloud Antivirus still works in the background, checking every file against its local cache of detections. This local cache includes, amongst other things, detection for all malware files, which are currently in circulation and affecting users.

Download Panda Cloud Antivirus

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HitMan Pro – Free Cloud Antivirus with multiple antivirus scan engine

hitman pro - free cloud anti malware

HitMan Pro is another free cloud antivirus using cloud scanning technology to locate, identify and remove viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and other malware. This free cloud antivirus doesn’t have it’s own Anti malware Detection “Engine”. But it utilizes FIVE popular security-scanning engines as their in-the-cloud detection, where users can immediately scan their PC directly from the desktop. The five scanning engines are publicly revealed as G DATA, Avira, ESET NOD32, Prevx CSI & A-Squared Anti malware.

HitMan Pro Features:

  • Recognizes and removes viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware and other malware.
  • Revolutionary innovation in scanning technique to distinguish between malicious and safe software without signatures.
  • Impossible to make false positives on important systems files thanks to “profiling” and whitelisting.
  • Multiple malware vendor identification in real-time “Scan Cloud”.
  • Automatically restores common system alterations made by malicious software.
  • Creates a checkpoint in System Restore before removing malicious software.
  • Removes resistant threats using native NT boot-time deleter.
  • Removes references to malicious software (like shortcuts and registry entries).
  • Free malware scan.