Transform Windows XP to Mac OS X Leopard GUI Interfaces


Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack will transform your Windows XP user interface to Mac OS X Leopard alike looks that everyone will never notice it’s the same old. The installation of Mac OS X Leopard transformation pack that changes some of the windows component and get Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard mods on your XP operating system.

The windows component includes explorer.exe, shell32.dll, xpsp2res.dll, mydocs.dll, and msgina.dll. However, it’s advisable to create a system restore point before installing the transformation from Windows XP to Mac OS X Leopard GUI interfaces. Meanwhile, this Mac OS X Leopard transformation pack is workable on Win XP Service Pack 2 English version.

Mac OS X Leopard GUI Interfaces

Minimize Mac OS X Leopard GUI Interfaces

The Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack presented by kampongboy92 which give your Windows XP the Leopard look.

Important Notes by the Author:

  • Please make backup before replace your system files.
  • These files can only work in Windows XP SP2 (English version ONLY).
  • Only do in SAFE MODE

Source : Leopard Mods on Windows XP

  • zingaloz

    you are an idiot.. this crap will never work

  • Patrick Doyle

    i am yet to have a look but if it mucks up my computer, like flyakite osx did, i am going to get everyone I know to send you spam! (it betta b good)

  • budak kampung

    thnaks bro

  • kamal_hack

    This crap work really good but it have some problem with the exeplorer.exe
    some icon comm. missing and it does’t work….but it can be use and it look good.

  • km


    Try to replace the Explorer.exe again.

    Perhaps the exe program is not paste probably

  • X2

    guys, after system restart i get some minor changes, even not the icon on the desktop… and an error message saying that Shell32.dll is addresing to wrong directory or something like that…

    any help on this?

  • mcm69

    X2, your shell32’s version might differ from the one provided here, I advise you to roll back to the restore point with the original one. Also, I wouldn’t recommend replacing system files. The normal way top change the icons is to change the resources in the original files, and not the crappy way like this. I remember using a Longhorm transformation pack about three years ago, and it just changed the icons in the resources, and worked perfectly on any localized version of Windows XP.

  • Kishor Deshmukh

    It worked and I get awsome windows transformation here.

  • Ashish

    Hey dude there’s easier to install Leopard Transformation Pack here.

  • sunz

    mcmner nak download os x leopard nie untuk win xp?

  • ac_jerry

    How can I download this theme….? I just can’t finish downloading this. Is there another way where I can download this?

  • saddletramp
  • Edrees

    Hey i need help i downloaded n replaced all the files but apart from the icons nothing changed meaning the menu bar etc any ideas

  • 0101

    Will this work without windowblinds?

  • hala_la

    EU TENHO UM windows xp SP3 e instalei o MAC OS X LEOPARD , nรฃo precisou fazer nada , apenas instalar …

    depois desinstalei pra ver se como ficava e tudo deu certo , depois isntalei novamente ..

    mas sinto meu pc mais lento desde que instalei o MAC…

    o que pode ser ?

    abraรงo a todos ! =)

  • pran

    no changes man windows xp (sp2) started normally with all ur instructions

  • tebir

    i used ur files but i cant replace these files with my system files it says write protected what should i do now….plz help…..

  • Max Kahn

    Hi man i tried yor t.pack but it doesnt change xp interface to mac gui interface perhaps it may require the latest PC? the only change i notice was the icons and the toolbar items nothin else so bro please sort my prob out

    My PC Details:
    CPU: 1.70GHz Intel Celeron
    Ram: 512 MB
    Hard: 40 GB

    tell me please what shud i do!!!

  • Anindya Sarker

    is it need for download ??

  • jerry.w

    nice looking. but the dock can do a little better. I had seen a dock where everything reflect. but i dont know the link so my com crasht 1 minut ago. Hackintosh didn`t work very wel. For al people who want to try hackintosh. It works but not very wel its very slow

  • Anon

    Hope this works ๐Ÿ™‚ tried a few and…

    No Result.
    But hope this one works. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • abhishek Ghosal

    HAy this pack works but it does not change the start up of the windows like mac.
    it will still ask for the username n password like Xp does n the page is also of Xp itself.

  • amir

    the interface is no wonder absolutely awesome but the Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack is only running on safe mode? no freakin way. your PC wil be vulnerable from virus & malware. good luck!

  • 31337

    @amir it’s RECOMMENDED that using the Replacer BATfile as instructed above in SAFEMOD..
    since my logon user account is the ‘sole’ user i do not get the window’s welcome page to select user to ‘logon’, i get a lil rectangular window that formerly before this replacement mod the Windows XP Home [but in blue vs green theme within the window] NOW says “MAC X OS” lol
    my start menu is converted, my dialog box es are converted, but so far the common window folders when displayed with a window are still default winXP..
    thus unless after a few reboots i assume, would slowly convert to the theme[?] ..otherwise the main icons would require wincustomize/windowsblind applications

  • 31337

    1. Make a System Restore Point before restarting to enter into SafeMode.
    2. the Replace bat works and replaces one file only… you know this when you instead of pressing any key to exit, you try and Drag/Drop another file and the Replacement Win NT Cmd Scpt command prompt doesn’t respond with instructions ..
    a. make restore point
    b. restart and enter safemode
    c. replacement scrpt works one file set only
    d. instrunction in “read me’ says per numbered line “open..replacer..” thus after each replacement, close replacer. Reopen replacer for each replacement.


  • Jocuri

    Thank you ,this is great.