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AVG Anti Virus 9.0 Download


AVG Antivirus 9.0, the latest antivirus software will be released by AVG Grisoft soon to replace their current AVG antivirus 8.5. This AVG antivirus version has been improved significant enhancements in speed and levels of security protection.

avg antivirus 9

The first major improvement on AVG antivirus 9.0 will be the scanning progress, which AVG has manage to shorten the scanning time process by marking safe files so that they are not scanned in the future unless their file structure change. With this method, AVG antivirus 9.0 scanning process will shorten 50 percent and decrease memory usage decreased significantly.

Beside basic antivirus protection, AVG antivirus 9 also bundles with several security protections such as firewall, anti-spyware, and Link Scanner. The AVG firewall enhancements include a complete redesign to reduce intrusive questions from the firewall module by 50 percent. This makes the firewall module significantly quieter and less intrusive for users. Plus more, a new trusted database of known applications and application certificates allows the firewall, without user intervention, to decide whether it’s safe to allow the application to communicate via the Internet, or if such communication should be blocked.

Meanwhile, a new security features such as AVG identify theft recovery unit through a partnership with Intersections Inc. This security services allows a team of fraud specialists to AVG customers who feel they may have been victims of identity theft. If indeed they have, the service will review the customer’s credit reports and enroll them in daily credit file monitoring and alerts for 6 months. The customer will also receive assistance in filing all the paperwork necessary to re-establish a clean identity.

So, the subscription price of AVG antivirus 9 is 54.99 only. Meanwhile, the free AVG antivirus 9.0 edition will be released anytime soon (mid-October).

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