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Best Free Windows Registry Cleaner To Clean Windows Registry


Here is a free Windows Registry Cleaner list that able to help windows XP and Windows Vista user clean up the problematic Windows registry instantly on their computer. Regularly cleaning and fixing your windows registry will not only bring more stability on Windows system but also help Windows and its software to run more quickly.

Why required to clean up Windows Registry?

As registry errors in windows system will cause your computer slower and unstable. Most of windows registry error occurs whenever you install new software and drivers, and when you uninstall programs invalid registry entries can be left behind. Meanwhile, most of registry error are Missing Shared DLLs, Incorrect File Extensions, Invalid Paths, Invalid Fonts, Missing Shortcuts, Invalid Devices, Orphan ActiveX Objects, Invalid Help Files, Invalid Links to Startup Programs, Obsolete History Lists and many more…

So, the corrupted registry will damage the computer, perform unwanted actions, corrupt the data and crash the operating system. Meanwhile, Windows user can feels the computer performance become slower and slower.

Cleaning out those old entries surely will your computer running smoothly. Meanwhile, some of windows registry cleaner also offer windows registry defrag, windows registry backup and registry optimizer also. So, you check out following best free registry cleaners:

Best free Windows Registry Cleaner to clean corrupted Windows registry:

Wise Registry Cleaner – The Safest free Registry cleaning tools and registry optimizer

wise registry cleaner

Wise registry cleaner is a windows registry tools that speeds up your PC by cleaning your Windows Registry error. Its registry scanning engine able to scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. Then it will display the number of errors found in the selected categories, display result in the result sheet and checked the items that can be safe to delete.

AML free registry Cleaner – Free Windows Registry Cleaner

Free Windows registry Cleaner - AML Free registry cleaner

AML Free Registry Cleaner removes the damage register or unneeded data left to increase your computer performance or avoid any crash on your computer. Meanwhile, AML registry cleaner lets you back up and restore the registry. It can create snapshot of your Windows registry before making any changes or installing a new software and gain confidence that you will be able to restore your previous system configuration if things go wrong.

WinMend Registry Defrag – Free All in one Windows registry defragment tool

winmend registry defrag

A free Windows Registry defragment Tools that defragging and cleaning windows registry for Windows system. This free Windows registry tools utilize Microsoft latest base level restruction technology that guarantees the maximum safety of your Windows operating system once the registry is rebuilt.

WinMend Registry Defrag has four main function modules: Registry Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, Registry Backup and Scheduler. It can efficiently and comprehensively analyze system, accurately locate errors and obsolete data, safely fix or delete them, thus effectively reducing the workload in your computer and improving the speed and performance of your system.

Argente Registry Cleaner – Free Windows Registry Cleaner

argente registry cleaner

Argente cleaner uses a detection algorithm to quickly identify high-yielding missing and invalid references in your Windows registry and provide you with a list of errors found in the registry.

Most of invalid windows registry detection are: – Invalid Shortcuts: Invalid ActiveX & COM, System applications, Help Files, Sound warnings, Windows Firewall, Shared data, File Extensions, Sources History, Autostart, Start Menu, Routes of applications, System Services, Software and File Types.

Beside that, Argente Registry Cleaner can also make a backup of any repairs made so that this way you can easily recover any changes for your convenience and protection.

Auslogic Registry Cleaner – Free Registry Cleaner Tool

auslogics registry cleaner

Auslogic Registry cleaner is a registry cleaner tool that cleans up Windows registry error. It will analyze your windows registry by searching for broken entries; non-existent file associations, uninstallation leftovers, and other elements then fix the windows registry mess up. The best part of Auslogics Registry Cleaner is that it’s very easy to use for everyone, no matter your technical knowledge.

Comodo System Cleaner – Free Windows System Cleaner with Registry Cleaner

comodo system cleaner - free computer cleaner suite

Free system cleaner suite that able to perform system maintenance and cleaning up temporary files, history, cache and etc to speed up your computer and enhance its efficiency and security. This Comodo system cleaner functionality is similar like the famous nCleaner and CCleaner. Plus more, it combines Registry cleaner, Disk cleaner, Diagnostics tool and Privacy cleaner functionality into one application.

nCleaner –  Registry cleaner

nCleaner is a multiple task applications help you clean up your hard drive by removing temp files, clearing your saved passwords, tweak your windows startup items , clean up registry and securely erasing files. nCleaner has the best cleaning ration on the market due to an advance detection algorithm, also providing security and stability. With nCleaner you can free up to 2 GB of unnecessary disk space.
If you have other windows registry cleaner should include on above list. Let us know and share with our readers. 🙂