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Backup And Restore Master Boot Record (MBR)


Master Boot Record, computer boot information that contains all requires information on how to boot up computer hard disk and load operating system at first place. Master Boot record can consider the most important data for your computer boot startup. Without computer booting information, your computer unable to start and don’t know where is the starting point to load the operating system.

Meanwhile, the Master Boot record MBR is easy affected by malicious code, or become corrupted by disk errors, or be overwritten by other boot loaders when experimenting with multiple operating systems on a host. So, it’s essential to backup master boot record  to avoid any unwanted circumstances or in case something goes wrong that messes up the MBR information. Plus more, Ensuring the master boot record backup copies must able to restore back initial stage master boot record in the future.

So, below is a nice master boot record backup and restore application list that able to backup and restore the Master Boot Record or any other sector the user specifies.

Backup / Restore Master boot record MBR application List:

HDHacker – Master Boot Record Backup and Restore Utility

backup master boot record restore
HDHacker is a  master boot record MBR application that saves, visualizes, and restores the MBR (from a physical drive), the BootSector (from a logical drive) or any specified sector from any disk (even removable disks). This MBR software supports two method like read (Backup MBR mode) and write (Restore MBR mode) operation.

To backup the Master Boot Record, it will read the boot sector from disk and save it to file afterwards. This ensures that the Master Book Record can be recovered anytime in case something should alter or corrupt it.

Download HDHacker – Backup And Restore Master Boot Record

MBRtool – Command line DOS Master Boot Record Backup and Restore

mbrtool-dos mbr backup restore

MBRTool is a DOS master boot record program that designed to backup, restore and manipulate your hard disk MBR. However, MBRtool is not an automatic recovery master boot record program but will allow users to prevent data loss (due to MBR corruption) by backing up the MBR, and offers power users all the power they’ll ever need to ‘mess’ with their MBR. Plus more, the latest MBRtool now includes an easy to use boot diskette builder that will assist you in creating a diskette or bootable CD/DVD.

Download MBRtool – DOS Master Boot Record Backup and Restore program

MBRFix – Master Boot Record Fix and Backup Utility


MBRFix able to perform several Master Boot Record (MBR) tasks, like backing up, restoring, fixing the boot code in the MBR, etc. But MBRFix doesn’t have graphic interface, which the interface is mainly a command line executable interface. But it has 13 MBR functions that are easily listed with the /? option. Meanwhile, the program is appropriate for advanced users only.

Download MBRFix

So, i have listed three simple MBR program to backup and restore computer master boot record information. Most of MBR backup program is freeware and support various operating system like vista, xp and 2000, Windows 7, Vista, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008.

If you know other master boot record program should included on the above list, Let us know comment! 🙂