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Best Backup Email Software to Backup Old Email


Backup email message or email setting , contacts or address book is always a good essential backup step to avoid any disaster happen to your email data. However, some email application doesn’t provides comprehensive email backup features or lack of email restore features. Meanwhile, some of the backup or restore features on email application is no user friendly which requires a lot of step.

Over here, i have gather some third party email backup freeware to backup or restore email data easily within few clicks. Most of the email backup software provides complete email backup features like backup email, backup contacts or address book , backup email profiles setting and others. Meanwhile, the email backup freeware support various email application like Windows Mail, Outlook Express , Microsoft Outlook, thunderbird and others.

List of free email backup software to backup email data easily :

KLS Mail Backup

KLS Email Backup

An useful email backup software tools for backing up and restoring your email and browser settings and profiles. KLS mail backup freeware currently supports the backup of Windows Mail profiles, Windows Contacts, Outlook Express profiles, Windows Address Book, Internet Explorer Favorites and Accounts and Mozilla, Seamonkey, Thunderbird and Firefox profiles.

To use KLS mail backup is easy, all you need is select the email applications and email profiles you want to back up, check the items you want to store, and run your job. Then your email archives are automatically zipped, and KLS mail Backup will maintain a version history by default. Plus more, you can stored the email archive in the same directory which can be on a local hard drive, network drive, ftp server or burn into CD / DVD media.

Download KLS Mail Backup – Free Backup Email Software

Amic Email Backup – Free Email Backup Software

Amic Free Email backup software

free email backup software that designed to create backup or archive files of your email data from famous Email Client like Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, IncrediMail, Pegasus, The Bat, Poco Mail, Netscape Messenger, and Opera Mail.

Amic Email Backup allows you backup emails message, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists and the signatures together inside the email backups file. Plus more, the email restoration on Amic email backups software can perform within few click only. All the email backups files can be restored or backup either separately or together upon user email backup setting only.

Download Amic Email Backup

Outlook Express Backup – Free Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Mail backup software

Free static outlook express backup free

An outlook express email backup utility that designed by StaticBackup to help windows user backup or restore outlook express email data within few click only. Plus more, Outlook Express backups can be download for free with limited email backup features only.

The outlook express backup utility interface is simple to use and this best part of outlook express backup is you can backup outlook express email unlimited. Plus a simple a simple email restoration wizard to assist you restoring back your email archives. Meanwhile, the email backup features can support larger than 4GB email data.

Download Outlook Express Email BackUp Software Free

MailStore – Centalized Email Backup Solution Software

MailStore Home - Centerlized Email backup solution

a free centralized email achieve solution that support various email application client such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Exchange, as well as POP/IMAP accounts (including all webmail services that IMAP or POP support such as Gmail and Yahoo), and local files. Meanwhile, MailStore home has a lightning fast search features to search the email easily through the central mail achieves. Plus more, the import / export email features can be perform within simple click only. The export features can allows for exporting your email across applications (so, for example, you can export your Outlook email into Thunderbird).

Download MailStore Home – Centralized Email Backup Solution

Ez Email Backup – Free Windows Email Backup and Restore Application

Ez Email Backup

Ez Email Backup is a free windows email backup software that backing up your entire email data such as email identities, email account setting, news message, email address, email message, email rules, signatures and the email blocker list. Meanwhile, you can schedule email backup process and restore your backup email data to another computer easily.

Furthermore, EZ eMail Backup supports all versions of Windows, including Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system. It will backup any version of Microsoft Outlook and other email clients in Windows Vista. However, it is not yet compatible with the new Windows Mail in Vista.

Download Ez Email Backup