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Free International Phone Calls via Internet List


Making international phone calls via internet services from PC to mobile phone or fixed lines phone has been exist quite some time now. But mostly of the online international phone calls requires fees.

So, i have list down some free internet calls website services that offers free international phone calls via internet. Plus more, all free internet calls services that listed can make free phone calls directly web browser. 

List of Free International Calls via Internet :


A free internet phone call website that allows you make free international phone calls directly from your web browser. This free internet phone services doesn’t require any account registration or VoIP softphones downloading.  The entire free internet phone call service will be done on web browser.

However, Evaphone international phone calls services is limited to 5 minutes per call and 2 calls per day. Plus more, each time you make a free internet phone call, Evaphone internet phone call services play about 10-15 secs ads before your internet phone call begins.

Visit Evaphone – Free international Calls services via internet


A free internet calls that support free international calls from computer to fixes lines or mobile number more than 30 country worldwide. 

The free internet calls services is similar like Evaphone or icalls which no installation requires which it runs on your web browser using flash application. But you’re requires register an account with FreeRinger before using their free internet calls services. 

Once you’re logged in, you will see a dial-pad and your Talkster roster right to it. Upon first connection there will be only one contact Echo Test Call, which is helpful to test your audio subsystem and network capabilities. After you confirm usage of your microphone, you will be connected to a voice prompt guiding you through echo test service.

Meanwhile, FreeRinger is powered by another free international calling service, Talkster. All the free international calls are ad-supported.

Visit FreeRinger – Free 30 worldwide country International calls services 


iCall is an online calls services that allows you make free internet calls to any fixed lines and mobile phone number in the USA and Canada. You need not to download any softphone, you can directly make free internet calls from iCall website. Meanwhile, you can embedded on any other website.

Their free internet calls is design based on VoIP technology which utilizes your existing internet connection and your PC to plug you directly in to the regular telephone.

icall – voip

Calling America

A free unlimited internet calls to any landline or mobile number in USA ( America ). CallingAmerica is similar like other free internet calls services which are ads supported. You can straight forward calling your loves one at USA directly from web browser via internet access.

Before making free internet calls to any landline or mobile number on USA, you’re requires register with Callingamerica, to get unlimited free calls to America, However if you choose not to register you can still make free calls (each call being limited to two minutes). 

Visit CallingAmerica – Free unlimited internet calls to America Landlines and Mobile number


So, i believe most of you don’t mind watching few seconds ads before making the free international phone calls via internet services. If you know any good free internet calls services, let us know and share with others 🙂