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Best Free Network Packet Analyzer Software


Network Packet Analyzer, a network analyzer program that help network administrator captures and interactively browse the traffic packet that running on a computer network and analyze traffic information from them.

Before explaining the best free network packet analyzer that available, here is the network packet analyzer definition from WikiPedia:

A packet analyzer (also known as a network analyzer, protocol analyzer or sniffer, or for particular types of networks, an Ethernet sniffer or wireless sniffer) is a computer program or a piece of computer hardware that can intercept and log traffic passing over a digital network or part of a network. As data streams flow across the network, the sniffer captures each packet and, if needed, decodes and analyzes its content according to the appropriate RFC or other specifications. Such information

Based on wikipedia definition, network packet analyzer also have the capability to capture network packet and decode the network traffic content into useful information such as passwords, or other credentials information. So, below is the free network packet analyzer software list that i gather to analyze your network traffic in depth.

Best Free Network Packet Analyzer Software List are:

WireShark Packet Sniffer

Wireshark packet sniffer is a most popular free network packet sniffer that works on both Unix, as well as Windows. Wireshark packet sniffer able to capture live real-time network packets. Apart from that, it is able to intelligently decipher packets based on their protocol. It can show the capture data on GUI. It is even able to detect and capture VOIP calls, and in some cases can even play back the media.

Apart from that, Wireshark network packet website also provides tons of resources, including videos, to learn how to use Wireshark, and analyze Wireshark data.

wireshark - free network packet sniffer
wireshark - free network packet sniffer

Microsoft Network Monitor

Microsoft Network Monitor is a free network packet analyzer and works on Windows PCs only. It provides expert network capability to see all the network traffic in real time on an intuitive GUI. Meanwhile, it can capture and view network information more than 300 public, and Microsoft proprietary network protocols including wireless network packets.

Besides that, Microsoft Network Monitor can be used by beginners just to analyze their home network traffic, or by network administrators to analyze complete organization network by sniffing network packets.

microsoft network monitor

Capsa Packet Sniffer Free

Capsa is a must-have network packet analyzer freeware for network administrators to monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose their network.The free network packet analyzer version comes with tons of features, and is good enough for home use, as well as use in small business.

Free Capsa Packet Sniffer software lets you monitor and capture 50 IP addresses network traffic data together and effective network analysis in real time by sniffing network packets, and analyze them.

Capsa Packet Sniffer Features:

  • Detailed Traffic Monitor of all computers
  • Bandwidth monitoring (to find which computers are watching online videos)
  • Network diagnosis to identify problems in network
  • Netwok activity logging (for recording IM, and web mail)
  • Network behavior monitoring

Free Capsa Packet Sniffer software

SniffPass Password Sniffer

SniffPass is a unique traffic packet sniffer, which it focuses on capturing passwords from network traffic. Whenever you active Sniffpass password sniffer, it will keeps on monitoring network traffic and as soon as it intercepts a password, it instantly shows that on screen. This is a great way to find forgotten passwords of websites.

Sniffpass password sniffer is quite easy in its use, and provides a nice GUI to monitor all captured passwords. Sniffpass password sniffer supports most of the networks protocols, like: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP, and HTTP.

sniffpass - Network Packet Password Sniffer

Please post a comment if you have any free network packet analyzer software suggestions for us.