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iPhone Ringtone Maker To Create iPhone 4 Ringtone


If you are high end handset user, you must have the freedom to utilize it to its maximum. Talking about the high-end devices, how can we forget the most classy handset “iPhone 4”. Indeed, this handset comes with lots of inbuilt awesome ringtones, which you can use to please folks around you.

But, what if you want to try something new? Something, which can express your own mood or expression. Probably, any specific lines of a song or may be an album.

So, today we will check out four iPhone ringtone makers, those grantees you to creates free ringtones for your iPhone from virtually any music file you own.

iPhone Ringtone Maker List:

iRinger – Free iphone ringtone maker

iRinger - free iphone ringtone maker with 3G support

Through this windows ringtone maker application you can customize your iphone ringtones. The best part of using this app is that it does not require any “jailbreak” for your iphone. iRinger runs on all the versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows Vista. To enjoy this app you need have iphone firmware version 1.1.2 or newer, followed by iTunes software 7.5 or newer.

iRinger Features:

  • Works with ALL versions of the iPhone including iPhone 4
  • Three Steps: Import, Preview then Export. Done.
  • Convert virtually any audio format into an iPhone ringtone
  • Extracts audio out of video automatically
  • Choose which section of the audio you want to hear
  • Adjust ringtone length, volume, fade in, fade out and loop gap
  • Export to iPhone ringtone format and import right into iTunes
  • Export using SCP/SFTP (SSH server required on remote device)
  • Use audio effects: Delay, Flanger, Boost, Reverse, etc.

MP3 Cutter –  free Windows iphone ringtone maker


MP3 Cutter is free software offered by avisoft.com. It basically lest you edit and even cut your any favorite MP3 files which you can further use to craft ringtone for your iPhone. The application seems very handy for those users who do not have complete knowledge about such kind of software. It lets you extract your desired clips from a MP3 song automatically.

Apart from that, it also features play/pause, stop, play selection, save selection, and new selection.

Garage Band – Custom iphone Ringtone on Mac

garbage band

Garage Band lets you create your free iPhone ringtones using Mac. Apple has introduced this app for a simple and free way to create and sync your own custom ringtones to the iPhone using GarageBand. Download and install the latest update of GarageBand. If you’re using a song from your iTunes library, just open GarageBand, open iTunes, and simply drag and drop the song from iTunes to a new track in GarageBand.

Ringtone Expressions – Windows iPhone Ringtone Maker

ringtone expression - iPhone Ringtone Maker

iPhoneRingtoneMaker is now called Ringtone Expressions. It is still by far the best, fastest and easiest way to create custom ringtones for your iPhone. With Ringtone Expressions, you can now create unlimited amount of ringtones without having to ever pay for each one. Ringtone Expressions is so fast and easy thanks to the super simple drag and drop from iTunes and Windows Explorer feature. By the end of the first day of using Ringtone Expressions, don’t be surprised if you have created over 20 custom ringtones in mere minutes. Ringtone Expressions takes ringtone enjoyment to the next level and has 14 amazing features you will absolutely love. It supports all iPhones and all the version of iTunes.

So, go ahead and check out which one of it suits your mood. Do lets us know which one was most exciting and helpful to you.

PS: Besides using iphone ringtone maker software to create custom iphone ringtone, there are several online iphone ringtone maker