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Best Free Web Hosting Control Panel To Manage Web Hosting

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Here is the best free web hosting control panel software list that allows website administrator performs maintenance and monitoring of their hosted web hosting server. It works similar functionality like commercial web hosting control panel like CPanel and Plesk. Plus more, this free web hosting control panel is suitable for those setting up a in house web server or web hosting site that without control panel or limited budget on web hosting management tool.

The most common web hosting control panels modules that available are Access to server logs, Details of available and used webspace and bandwidth, Email accounts configuration, Maintaining FTP users accounts, Manage hosting database, Visitor statistics using web log analysis software, Web based file manager, backup web hosting files, web server configuration, setup new domain name, DNS management, Mail server and etc.

So, below is the free web hosting control panel list that available to automate most web hosting management tasks Website administrator will need to do.

Free Web Hosting Control Panel Software

WebMin – Open Source Hosting Control Panel

webmin free web hosting control panel

Webmin is a most common free web hosting control panel for Windows, OpenSolaris, Linux and other Unix-like systems.

With Webmin control panel, you can configure many web server hosting configuration, such as users, disk quotas, services, configuration files etc, as well as modify and control many open source apps, such as the Apache HTTP Server, PHP, MySQL etc. Plus more, Webmin can be expanded by installing additional modules, which can be custom made.

Every webmin web host user can change their passwords, set up mail filters, edit the Apache .htaccess files, log in to MySQL and manage your database tables and records, log into the server through SSH, and so on.

Beside that, Web administrator can add Virtualmin on Webmin to manage multiple virtual hosts through a single interface just like Plesk or Cpanel. It supports the creation and management of Apache virtual hosts, BIND DNS domains, MySQL databases, and mailboxes and aliases with Sendmail or Postfix.

Download Web Min – free windows hosting control panel for Windows, Open solaris, Linux and Unix

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ISPConfig – Free Linux Hosting Control Panel

ispconfig free web host control panel

ISPConfig is a linux web hosting control panel that manages your linux web server for multiple domain hosts, email, FTP server, database and Web services through a nifty control panel. It has 4 types of logins such as web host administrator, Reseller, Client and Email users, thus allowing you to use this for a server that caters to clients/customers.

Meanwhile, ISP Config web host control panel simplifying the complicated details of setting up of DNS, multiple unique domain name websites on one physical server box, and e-mail accounts for multiple users (virtual hosting) on those websites.

Visit ISPConfig – Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

GNUPanel – Free Debian / Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

gnupanel free linux web hosting control panel

GNUPanel is a Web hosting control panel that runs on Debian GNU/linux web hosting servers in 32 and 64 bits. There are three level users access right such as hosting administrator, reseller and user.

With hosting administrator rights, the user can create public and private hosting plans, accept Paypal, Cuentadigital and Dineromail payments, send messages to users, create redirections, use the integrated support ticket system, control website bandwidth, web hosting disk space and define policies for web hosting accounts suspension.

For web hosting user, they can  create mail and FTP accounts, create / manage databases, make payments, manage their domains and subdomains, etc.

The configuration information used by this control panel software was stored on PostgreSQL database.

Download GNU Panel – Free Debian | Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

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Web-Cp – Free PHP Hosting Control Panel

webcp free php hosting control panel

Web-cp is a full-featured, open source web hosting control panel with 4 types of control panels: personal, domain, reseller, and server.

Personal control panel allows users updates their personal information, change their password and set their spam control settings.

Domain control panel allows domain owners to add new users, aliases, subdomains, domain pointers and databases. The resellers control panel allows resellers to add or modify their domain accounts.

Server control panel allows the server administrator to add or modify resellers, edit Virtual Host and DNS templates, restart server services and monitor server usage. Scripting, shell access, SSI, databases, mail, domains, etc are all controlled from a top-down approach.

In addition, web-cp runs on almost every version of Unix/Linux/BSD and only Apache, MySQL and PHP are required.

Visit Web-CP Web Hosting Control Panel

Kloxo Host In A Box – Free Linux Hosting Control Panel

Kloxo - Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

Kloxo Host In a Box, another free linux web hosting control panel allows web host administrators to manage web hosting file, domain and subdomain control, database administration, email account management, distribution of resources, file managing and much more on web based hosting management interface.

The best part of this free linux hosting control panel can Integrates with billing software such as AWBS, WHMCS and HostBill.

Download Kloxo Host In a Box

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