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Creately – Online Diagramming Tool


Creately, a free online diagramming tool that allows you draw a diagram online or create professional looking diagrams, such as business diagram, software & system diagram, user interface diagram, network diagram and more.

creately- free online diagramming

Meanwhile, Creately free online diagramming tools strength lies on simplicity and collaboration which smart objects and stencils come with contextual features that only appear when you need them. Beside that, it not just pictures only but integrates data driven visual representations, enter and export text or data to bring your designs to life. Plus more, Creately online diagram design comes with all the flexibility you need to work on your designs, including keyboard shortcuts and virtually unlimited Undo/ Redo plus rotate, flip, skew, pan, zoom and others.

All diagrams that draw online on Creately can be export to PDF and XML or email to others. Meanwhile, you can invite others to work collaboratively by sharing, exporting or publishing your diagrams online. The best part is Creately comes with autosave and unlimited revisions features, which you never have to worry about losing your changes. Go back to an earlier version any time.

List of diagrams that provides by Creately online diagramming tools:

Business Diagrams: Process Diagrams (BPMN) : Flowcharts, Mind Maps, SWOT Diagrams and Organization Charts.
Software and Design diagram: Webpage Wireframes, UI Mockups, Data flow diagrams, UML State Charts, UML Use Case Diagrams.
General Diagrams: Block Diagrams, Tree Diagrams and Decision Trees.
Networks diagram: Office Networks, Data Center Design, Capacity Planning models and Digital Circuits.

Lastly, this online diagram is definitely worth to try out for design diagram drawing since the entire service is free and it has huge of diagram drawing option to choose.

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Creately Online Diagramming Updates: 

Creately online diagramming tools also introduce new features as below:

Team Collaboration – Creately online diagramming built-in real time collaboration. Multiple users can work on the same diagram on the same time and post-it note style comments on the diagram itself to help you get the message across. Meanwhile, Creately online diagramming tools cam sharing your diagrams and inviting new collaborators only takes sharing a unique secure link. You can even limit to view only or edit and centrally control all access to your diagrams.

Publishing anywhere – Creately online diagramming tools now allows you embed your diagrams creation on to any web page.

Google Apps integration – Creately’s online diagramming is fully integrated into the Google apps domain, which create effortless Visual Collaboration Engage in faster visual communication by accessing Creately from any other Google service (like Gmail, Google Docs or Google Calender).

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