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GotFreeFax – Send Free Fax online on United State and Canada


Looking sending free fax via Internet via web browser? Try out GotFreefax.com, a new online free fax services allows user send free fax online for Canada and United State user only. This online free fax services doesn’t like FaxZero fax services, which it’s a truly FREE fax service without ads on cover page. However, the limitation is you can allow to send 2 free fax per day and 3 pages per fax only maximum on GotFreeFax.com.

gotfreefax - free online send fax services

How Got Free Fax Works?

1. Key in all Fax Sender and Receiver information.

2. Typing the fax message in the text box provided or simply uploads your file(s) for processing, currently the service support PDF (.pdf) file format, Word 97-2003 (.doc), and Word 2007 (.docx) file format only.

3. Then press ” Send Free Fax Button” to send the fax to receiver.

Your fax recipient sees the fax cover page from GotFreeFax.com and the fax content that you sent.

Meanwhile, GotFreeFax.com online free fax services supports sending faxes to the US Continental 48 states, Canada and Hawaii only at this time. Alaska, off-shore and other international destinations are not supported.

If you want to send more fax pages, you might consider subscribe their premium online fax services, which it can fax 1 document up to 30 pages and put your fax delivery as priority delivery.

Meanwhile, Got Free Fax online services also supported other countries with fees involved.

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