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Easeus Todo Backup Free 5 – Free Windows 8 Data backup and Data Disaster Recovery Software

easeus todo backup 5

There are no many data backup and data disaster recovery software on Windows 8 available on the market yet. But no worry, there is one now and is totally free. This Windows 8 data backup called as Easeus Todo Backup free 5.0

The best part of this Windows data backup freeware supports Windows 8 and allows user backup, recover and clone their important data files on Windows 8.

easeus todo backup 5


The main features on Easeus Todo backup free is the increased capacity of hard drives supporting up to 2 Terabytes. Meanwhile, it also redesign their interface for the backup and recovery process, so that the user was already using this software will have no problem adapting using the backup software. Plus more, Backup certain file type in specified folder features also introduced on Todo Backup 5 free.

All backup and restoration option that the free version provides you with are listed on the home tab. Here you can select to backup data, which can be a file, disk or partition, or the operating system. You can alternatively clone hard drive or hard disk partition, and use built-in tools to verify the integrity of a recently created image, create bootable disk for disaster recovery purposes, wipe data, or mount images to access files without restoring the full backup.

The major features that are not included in the free version are password protecting backups, support for dynamic volumes, the program’s system snapshot feature, and several of the new features that include backing up Outlook and Windows 7 libraries, restoring a backup to systems with different hardware, and event based backups.

The remaining new features are only available to the Easeus Todo Backup Commercial Home and Workstation version:

  • Differential backups – a new backup methods takes less backup time and produces smaller image file because it only backs up changed files since last full backup.
  • Backup and restoration of Outlook emails – Professional data backup and recovery software can automatically backup your emails day by day.
  • Backup and restoration of Windows 7 libraries – Backup all Windows 7 libraries day by day and recover the Windows libraries When your Windows 7 is crashed because library corruption.

Download Easeus Todo Backup Free 5