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How to kill Mac program process on the Mac?

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It always makes users feel anxious when the Mac program is not responding to the order, users had to wait for the program restore response or directly kill its process. Most users are accustomed to use a way to kill Mac program processes, however, there still are many other ways helping users quickly kill Mac program process.

Methods to kill Mac program process:

  1. The fastest way to kill program process is using “Command + Option + Shift + Esc“,press these key for a few seconds can kill the program process.
  2. Users can use Mac Activity Monitor to exit the program process. This is the way which I have always taken to kill the program process. Users just need to open Activity Monitor and select the program name in the window, and then click the red “Force Quit” button to kill the program process.
  3. Mac users still can hold down the Option key and right-click the program’s icon in the dock simultaneously, and then it will appear the option “Force Quit“, users can click this option to kill the program process.
  4. Magican – Mac system optimizer software can help Mac users quickly kill the program process. To our Magican users, if you always keep the floating window on your desktop, and then you can directly kill the process in the floating window. You can find the program name and click the button in the right of the program to kill the program process.Magican Mac Optimizer
  5. In addition,if the above methods are unable to end the process, then you can also use the terminal command to kill the program process. Mac users can open the terminal and enter the command “killall [processname]“. For example, if you want to end the process of M, you can enter “killall M“and then M will be forced quiting. However, this approach may cause data loss, for it doesn’t automatically save data before it kill the program process according the command.
  6. All the methods listed above are very simple. To master the methods to help you quickly kill the process and save much time to wait for the program restores response.