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Four Chrome Extensions To Play Prank With Your Friends


Are you acquainted with the funny side of the browser that you use? Is it always that you make use of your browser for surfing purposes? If yes, then perhaps you are not aware of few of the chrome extensions that can be used for making facetious jokes.
So, if you are looking for some fun or if you feel like playing prank with someone who uses Google Chrome, then presenting below are four Google Chrome extensions that will do the purpose.



With Cornify, turn your webpage into something colorful. What exactly it does is changes the text color to pink. It also makes a pattern of unicorns and rainbows along with glittering effect. As we know, that the service can be used for cornifying the webpage, so you can even use it for cornifying your photographs. To start using this service, you have to install this Chrome extension, which will then be bookmarked on the browser. Just Open a webpage and click on the button to cornify it.


It is another Chrome Extension that can be used for playing pranks with your friends. It jumbles up the ordering of all the words in a webpage. When I tried this extension for the first time, my friend who is not aware of this extension got surprised and started looking into WordPress settings. So, you can imagine the power of this worthless Chrome extension. To use it, just install, bookmark it and click on the webpage to scramble.

UpSide Down

Upside Down
As the name suggests, this extension can be used for making the webpage upside down. There are five variants of this service. You will see the texts justified in different manner with headings on different corners of the page. However, the webpage will revert back to original position in sixth toggle. So, you need to go through all variants of upside down. Here, you have to press “Windows Key+ Semicolon” or “Command + Semicolon” to toggle.



This extension can be used to show falling snow flakes on any webpage. So, it will have less effect on webpages having background color as white. It`s Christmas time and having snow on the webpages can be a way of decorating your webpage.


The above mentioned Chrome Extensions may not give any fruitful results, but they can always be used for fun purposes. What do you have to say about them, do let us know.