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Free Mac Mind Mapping Software To Draw Mind Map Diagram


Previously I have mentioned online mind mapping services post before, And now i have compile another list of free mac mind mapping software that allow you draw mind mapping diagram on Mac OSX platform for free.

Mind Mapping is a diagram that allows you organize thoughts, brainstorming ideas or list making into a desirable mind map diagram. Meanwhile, Mind Mapping consider as useful technique that improves the way you take notes, and supports and enhances your creative problem solving.

By using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject, and the way that pieces of information fit together, as well as recording the raw facts contained in normal notes.

However, there are bunches of mind mapping software for Mac available on the internet but most of Mac mind mapping are require money from the range 30USD to 300USD. But how, i have gathered free Mac mind mapping software that available to install freely and drawing mind map diagram on Mac platform.

Free Mac Mind Mapping Software:

Free Mind – Open Source Mind Mapping Software

FreeMind - free mac mind mapping

FreeMind is a cross platform mind-mapping application written in Java and run on almost any system on Java runtime environment. FreeMind allows user to edit a hierarchical set of ideas around a central concept. The non-linear approach assists in brainstorming new outlines and projects as ideas are added around the mind map. Plus more, their Smart Drag’n Drop, including the possibility to copy nodes or copy style of nodes; dragging and dropping of multiple selected nodes; dropping of texts or list of files from outside.

Beside that, FreeMind able to save the mind mapping diagram as XML or export hypertext to HTML and XHTML, Export document to PDF and OpenDocument and Exports image to PNG, JPEG and SVG.

MindNode – Free Mac Mind Mapping Application


MindNode is a simple to use Mac Mind Mapping application. The map mapping software interface works smoothly by allowing you to drag nodes around with ease. To create a new node, simply double-click anywhere on the window, or press the Tab key when focused on a node to create a new child node. To create a node at the same level as the one that is currently in focus, press option-Tab.

Beside that, MindNode can import OPML and FreeMind documents for editing purpose and export the mind map diagram to Export to PNG, TIFF, PDF, HTML, RTF, OPML and FreeMind.

So, MindNode definitely is a nice, small, but useful mac mind mapping tool collect, classify and structure ideas into mind mapping diagram.

XMIND – Free Professional Mac Mind Mapping

xmind - free mind mapping software

XMIND is a professional mind mapping software that available for Mac user. XMind provides comprehensive mind mapping features to produce professional looking mind maps presentation in a short time. Meanwhile, this professional free mac mind mapping application can make variety of mapping like fishbone chart, flow chart diagram, organization chart, and project management and other mind mapping from template or new one.

SciPhone Mind Mapping – Free Mac Mind Mapping with PDF Management and Reference Management

SciPhone - mac mind mapping

SciPhone Mac’s Mind Mapping is developed build based on FreeMind, but it has integrating mind mapping with reference and pdf management. SciPlore MindMapping offers all the features one would expect from a standard mind mapping software, plus the following special features for researchers:

Adding Reference Keys Manually – This feature allows assigning a reference key to a mind map’s node. This way, researchers can organize their ideas and reference to the origins.

PDF Bookmark Import – When researchers read an article in PDF format, some create bookmarks for the most important statements in the article. The same information is likely to be needed in a mind map when structuring ideas or a new paper. SciPlore Mind Mapping offers the option to import bookmarks from a PDF. Each bookmark is imported as a node and each node is linked to the PDF. If the PDF is included in the user’s bibliographic database, the corresponding BibTeX key is also added.

Freeplane – Open Source Mind Mapping


Freeplane is a mac mind mapping application that supports thinking, sharing information and getting things done at work, in school and at home. This mind mapping is build based on popular Freemind program and the developer has refactored the code to create a highly modular, clear and logical design, to ease entrance into development and to provide a solid foundation for long term development. Plus more, Freeplane can runs on any operating system like Mac, Linux and Windows that has a current version of Java installed. It can be run locally or portably from removable storage like a USB drive.

So, i hope above free mac mind mapping application list will benefit Mac user to create mind mapping on Mac OSX. Let us know and share with our readers. If you know other free Mac mind mapping applications should included on above the list.