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Free Password manager to Keep Your Password Safe


Password manager, security software that organize your password information management securely. Plus all password information that stored on password manager will be well encrypted on password database with encryption key.

As remembering various passwords being used in daily life could be a challenge and it would totally impossible for you to memorize all the passwords. So, Password manager software will be definitely useful to save username and passwords for your various accounts and fill in the password while login to the site. Meanwhile, a far easier and more convenient way of keeping your passwords both safe and secure is to use a password storage utility, which can be accessed with a single master password.

So, i have gathered a list of free password manager software to keep your password safe and securely. The password manager softwares are keePass Password manager, KeyBD Password manager, Efficient Password manager, MyPadlock password manager, Password safe and RoboForm2Go.

Password Manager software to keep your password safe :

KeePass Password Manager –  Free Open Source Password manager software

keepass password manager - free open source password manager

KeePass is a free open source password manager that manages all your passwords into one password database. All password information will be locked with one master key or a key file and you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. Meanwhile, the password database is encrypted with most secure encryption algorithms such as AES and Twofish.

KeyBD Password Manager – Free portable Password Manager

keydb - free portable password manager

KeyDb Password manager is a portable program that enables you to securely creates, store and retrieve all the passwords under one master user name and password. It will keep your passwords in different files.  You can have them all in one file or create multiple files for multiple users or purposes. Meanwhile, Keydb Password manager uses Rijndael, 256 bit key encryption and a master password to keep your information private and secure.

Efficient Password Manager – Free Windows Password manager
efficient password manager - free password manager download

Efficient password manager is a windows password management software that organizing and storing all your passwords in a master password database. All you need is remember a single master password instead of remembering all the passwords of different sites. Beside that, Efficient password manager also comes with built in templates of emails passwords, FTP passwords or store software registration codes and keys.

Meanwhile, it also comes with a password generator that generates some strong passwords for you. All the information is stores in the database encrypted by 256 bit AES algorithm. The SHA algorithm will be encrypted on master password so no one can hack into it.  Plus more, Efficient password manager also comes with portable version to protect your password on USB removable drive.

RoboForm USB

roboform - free password manager

RoboForm2go is similar likes KeePass password manager. RoboForm is able to store all of your personal passwords and bookmarks securely to the portable USB device. It can automatically log you into your online accounts using its own form filler as well. It uses secure AES password encryption protection technology to help keep your information safe.

Password Safe – Portable Password Manager (TwoFish Algorithm)

password safe - free portable password manager

Password Safe is a portable password storage utility that can be used to securely store your important passwords and then easily retrieve those stored passwords via a single password. You can organize your passwords by user ID, category, web site, or location. You can store all your passwords in a single encrypted master password list or use multiple lists to separate your passwords. Password Safe requires roughly 2.19MB of free space for portable stand alone installation.

MyPadLock Password Manager – Password manager freeware

mypadlock - free simple password manager

MyPadlock Password Manager is a secure password manager freeware that allows the user to keep all entire password under “lock and key” on their PC. All password can accessible only unless they know a master password that is created by the user on initial configuration.  Meanwhile, all passwords information will be encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption into an encrypted file and keep into hard drive.

Plus more, The file is also encrypted with password and will automatically logged off in a few minutes to ensure that the users don’t leave the password open to anyone while they were away from their desk.

So, what do you use for your password manager? Are you familiar with any other good password manager? Let us know others free password manager via comment 🙂