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Gantter – Online Project Management Services


Gantter is an online project management services that features all leading desktop project management and scheduling software features without letting users to buy or install anything. All you need is a web browser to start off your project scheduling and planning with Gantter. Plus more, Gantter also allows you to easily import and open your existing Microsoft Project files.

Gantter online project management features are almost more or less similar other online project management services on the market. It starts off the project planning and creating Gantt chart with the tasks, phases and milestones. The most interesting part of Gantter is allowing you to import schedules from Microsoft Project, in the professional field, is fairly widespread. Meanwhile, Gantter even provides you a project templates gallery to help you build your schedule in a fraction of the time.

The Best part of Gantter online project management is their seamless integration with Google Drive (Google’s online file storage), which it can allow any project manager to keep their project schedules creation on local storage or store it at Google Drive. With Google Driver integration, Gantter can offer end user an integrated seamless experience for file storage, sharing and working online. Plus more, Project manager even can share their project schedules with other users via Google Drive and collaborate with those users in real time over the web on your project plans.

Meanwhile, all the project management files that created can be export to PDF, HTML, PNG and even export the project milestones to a calendar in iCal format (which can then export to our Thunderbird Lightning). Plus more, Gantter online project management services also supports 11 languages at this moment and the web interface can be changed based on the language selected by the user.

Overall, Gantter online project management is a good online project tool to have and offers a lot of project management flexibility on web browser. Meanwhile, any interested user want to register their services also can register with their Google Account ID.

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