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Koding – Cloud Web Development Platform For Web Developer


Koding is a new web development concept tools that utilizing cloud computing technologies to offer web developer quick, centralized development place to complete an application development project, and code from anywhere on any device with a browser.

The best part of Koding is resolving most of server configuration problems such as database configurations, user permissions, Web server settings, git setup, dealing with the hassles of hosting companies, and the costs of code editors.

Koding – Online Code Editor

With Koding, Web developer can start new coding online development environment immediately without wasting time to setup local development environments. During web programming on Koding, the In-browser online code editor  feels natural with keyboard shortcuts and syntax highlighting for over 30 programming languages and support various web programming such as Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, Node.js and among other languages development under Linux cloud server development environment.

Koding Cloud App

Koding also offers free web hosting environment to test your development under your own desire koding URL address. Meanwhile, it also support many popular CMS, Add-on, Server stack and code framework to ease your web development on their services. Plus more, MySQL and Mongo DB servers are also provided free to all users and the platform has full integration with popular version control systems like Git & SVN.

Koding SSH Terminal

Since Koding is run on Linux server environment, there are complete real time terminal that allows experienced web developer execute specific SSH commands and scripts to run your web development. Besides that, you can even maintenance and backup your web development via SSH terminal.

Another interested features about Koding is their social network features for developers. This features similar like popular social media out there, which web developer can share source code or follow interested tag or learn new things from other Koding member community. Meanwhile, it also comes with Inbox, which it’s central place for real-time private conversations & activity notifications.

With Koding cloud web development platform, Web developers can work, collaborate, write and run apps without jumping through hoops and spending hard earned money to setup the local development environments anymore.

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