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Outlook.com Tips – Setup Outlook.com Email Setting on Android Phone


Microsoft has been surprised all their Hotmail user by changing their webmail services to Outlook email under their own domain name (Outlook.com) that shared same name with the famous desktop mail software of Redmond.

Setup outlook.com email account android


However, we aren’t going to explain much on Outlook.com features. But we teach Android phone user How to setup outlook.com email setting on Android Phone using Email protocol POP3 .

How To Configure Outlook.com Email Setting on Android Default Mail application:

  1. Navigate to “Email” Icon on Android phone.
  2. Enter the full email address and password. For example, address user_account@outlook.com and your outlook.com password.
  3. Then click “Next”. The app will then successfully sign-in, and then let you configure how many days of email to download to the device.
  4. Name the account, if desired. Enter a display name for your outgoing messages. Then click “Done.” You will then be taken to your Microsoft Outlook inbox. Click “Menu” and “Compose” to send a message.
If you unable sign-up the outlook.com email setting successfully, you can follow as below:
  1. After performing step 1 and step 2 like above
  2. Click “Manual” on Android Email application wizard.
  3. Select POP3 settings .
  4. Change the port 995 and POP3 server pop3.live.com (default pop3.outlook.com should appear).
  5. Allow all certificates SSL / TSL .
  6. Configure the SMTP server with the following information: smtp.live.com , port 587 , without credentials.


However, the disadvantages of using POP3 email protocol is keep on asking the email server for new mail every so often. This leads to applications that ask every X minutes, resulting in data usage and battery, although there may be no mail on the server.

The solutions to overcome is Push notification, which we can set up your Outlook.com using EAS or Exchange Active Sync , supported both by the new Microsoft Mail, for the old (Hotmail.com) and also by most mail applications Android including the native client.

Let’s start. The first thing is, if we wish, delete the account previously configured, we added a few days ago with POP3 protocol. Now follow these steps:

  1. Open the mail application and add a new account.
  2. Introducing our address direccion@outlook.com and click Manual Setup.
  3. Select the Exchange.
  4. Replace the domain name \ account (by default \ direction ) with the following format: \ direccion@outlook.com.
  5. The server must have the following value: m.hotmail.com -care because Microsoft is still using the old domain, and this could change in the next few days
  6. Press OK, and the next page select Automatic Warning: Push Notifications.

Using Push notification can get few benefits in return: Automatic alerts as soon as we receive emails, saving battery not be asking the server, synchronize Outlook items as the calendar or contacts, or download messages automatically when you are in WiFi, with virtually instant access to our email notification after pressing.