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How to Recover From BSOD problems using Blue Screen View


Windows is a famous operating system that used worldwide rather than MAC or Linux. Along with all the splendid features, Windows family of operating system comes with one major drawback in common that it often shows BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) due to various reasons and results in severe data loss. Common reasons behind BSOD error could be damaged hard disk, faulty programs, corrupt file system etc. When any of these happens, you may have no longer access on your pc and it’s mandatory to restart the system to use it any further.

BSOD error comes with a black screen and lines of code (which is hard to understand for PC novices) which gives you the detail of this BSOD STOP error after which restarting the system would be the single solution. But now, with a help of a handy software called Blue Screen View, anyone can locate the reason of system crash or BSOD bug, Detailed information of faulty driver that causes this crash, time and date information of this crash and at last the small snapshot of the BSOD error Black screen.

Blue Screen View – Death of blue screen

Blue Screen View will scan all the minidump files created by the system whenever any BSOD error occurs and list the important information such as minidump file name, time & date, faulty driver or computer program, corrupted driver location etc. These information are sufficient to locate and resolve the issue.

Moreover, Blue Screen View will support all the latest versions of Windows i.e., Windows XP, Server 2003 & 2008, Vista and Windows 7. Blue screen view requires Minidump folders located at C:\WINDOWS\Minidump to extract necessary information but if this folder is modified or renamed, blue screen view will not find a single piece of error. So, It’s necessary to configure your Windows for the same. Normally, Major Windows operating system are already set to store minidump files as the default system failure configuration but if it’s not, you can do so by going to this post: Configure Windows to Store Minidump files on BSOD Crash

Steps required by Blue Screen View to locate the causes of BSOD error:

  • Download Blue Screen View  V1.45(the latest one) and unzip the package
  • It contains three files, you have to click on the file named bluescreenview.exe,
  • After running blue screen view, it will scans your Windows minidump folders and displays the crash details in the upper pane. But if the Minidump folder was not available, it will be blank.
  • After seeing the information, you can easily find out the details about the faulty driver, computer program or any hardware problem that causes the BSOD error.
  • You can search the information over Internet to troubleshoot any specific driver or can post comment below so as I can direct you to resolve the issueBSOD – Computer blue screen

Blue Screen View is indeed a great PC utility to locate any past or current BSOD errors and greatly helps to find the reason behind any specific driver or computer programs.

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