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Increase BitComet Download Speed


BitComet, A Bit Torrent application that i have been used for quite some time. However, i have been facing slow bitcomet download speed for a while on my computer. So, i have done some bitcomet download speed research and below listed few increase bitcomet download speed tweaks.

Tweaks to increase bitcomet download speed:

1.Hack the max TCP connections on Windows XP

If you are currently using on Windows XP sp2, your Windows TCP connections are limited to a maximum of 10. I highly recommend your modify Windows TCP/IP.sys with LvlLords Event ID 4226 Patcher to get better performance bittorrent download speed. If not modifying Windows TCP/IP.sys, It will seriously hurts your BitComet download speed because it wont let you connect to a high amount of ip numbers.

2. BitComet Connection Preferences

Click – > Option – > Preferences ( CRTL + P)

When you see the connection properties. There is no Limit on “Global Max Upload Rate” or “Global Max Download Rate”. I’m highly recommended you lets your upload rate to 90% of overall upload and download speed. At least, you still have overall 10 percent to surf internet or downloading other internet files.

For Task Schedule, It’s an useful bitcomet tweak option. As you see, Max Simultaneous download task is 10 but if you have fast internet connection and plan to downloading more torrent files. You can setup the number of download task higher. Listen Port also important on bitcomet tweak. As some of country ISP’s have blocked the default Bittorrent ports, So, you can choose or enter specific port number to listen on. For improve the downloading, if you set your internet modem port forwarding features to your computer IP address.

3.Task Preferences on BitComet 

Click Preferences —> Task on the menu. increase bitcomet download speed There’s a lot of settings here that you might like to change. It always helps to have a default download path set, so if you have a downloads that you put all your downloads into you can click on the the option in the list and browse for a folder to set as default. As you can see you also have some more max upload rate options. This is per task and is meant for users who will be downloading multiple files. Regardless of what you put in here, your overall upload speed wont reach over your Global Max Upload Speed limit that you set a moment ago in the Connection Preferences. Other options in preferences such as Appearance are up to you, now we will look at downloading with BitComet.

4. Connection Preferences

Click Preferences –> Connection BitComet Connection Properties

  1. Global Maximum Number of Connections: 130This number should not be set too low or the number of connections made to your torrents will be limited. Setting it too high may cause too much bandwidth to be used and can cause slowdowns.
  2. Maximum Number of connection per task: 10If you see that the peers connected to a specific torrent are exactly this number, or very close, increase this number to improve speeds.
  3. Max Simultaneous half open TCP connection : 40you can set the number of max half open tcp connection to 50 but you might facing slow internet surf on other application. so, i recommended you use 40 is sufficient.
  4. Enable DHT Network: CHECKED This is recommended to be checked to improve speeds. More people will be available for sharing if this is checked.
  5. Enable uPnP port mapping : CHECKED
  6. Enable remove port on NAT/Firewall when exiting : Checked

5. Disable Windows Firewall

Bittorrent application very hate Windows Firewall because it will blocking or slow down your download speed of bitcomet on torrent files. So, disable Windows firewall and and get yourself a decent firewall like Zone Alarm.

6. Set your router if you have router, you can set below bitcomet tweaks to improve or increase your BitComet bittorrent download speed if you know how to set your router.

  • Set port forwarding or virtual server features on your router. Then map your router to forward this port date to your local ip address. This will improve bitcomet bittorrent download speed. Remember set the both (TCP and UDP).
  • Enable uPnP features on your router.

How to increase bitcomet download speed video:

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Share with us if you’ve have other tweak to increase bitcomet download speed.