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Super Silent Manager – Silently Watch Remote Computer

super silent manager

Super Silent Manager , a silent monitoring program to let you remotely watch other computers screen on your computer, without even that person knowing it. You can silently watch Desktop, Webcam and Microphone activities of computers on the network even over the internet. When you are watching the screen or the web cam of a remote computer, you can also save the activities as movie files.

The best part of Super Silent Manager is you can monitoring all computers from one centralized location. The silent desktop computer monitoring can be watched either on own computer network and even through the internet connection

With Super Silent Manager, you can:

  • Desktop Monitoring: Watch internet browsing, chatting and other computer activities real time.
  • Web-cam: Watch their physical activities through their web-cam.
  • Microphone: Listen to their conversations through their computer microphone.

Super Silent Manager is a great silent remote desktop Tool for watching suspected computer activities of children, employees, spouse, family members or anybody working on your home network, office network or even some where on the internet! You can also use this program to watch your home computers web cam while you are at work or travel.

super silent manager

Download the latest version of Super Silent Manager from the Download page. There are 2 programs, Silent Manager and Silent Client Engine. Silent Client Engine is a small program that capture the copy of their screen and web cam, then send that images to your computer directly on a network/internet connection. You don’t need to physically access their computer to install Silent Client Engine, it can be install silently without their notice through remote installation. All you need is to have the name or IP address of the target computer + the administrative password.

For more screenshots of Super Silent Manager, visit Screenshots page.

Super Silent Manager works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 only. The only disadvantages is Super Silent manager doesn’t work on Windows 8.