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Free Mobile Antivirus For Mobile Phone


Mobile antivirus, a mobile version anti virus application to protect mobile phone OS away from mobile virus and mobile malware threats. Normally mobile antivirus performs basic antivirus scanning on the mobile files or data and prevent protect your smartphone from harm, automatic updates, blocking of dangerous network connections and much more.

Why Mobile Antivirus is essential for mobile phone or smart phone?

Since mobile virus and mobile malware no much appear on smart mobile phone, but still mobile security vendor giving out timely warning notices of alarming rise in mobile viruses and mobile phones are a valuable target for hackers and internet criminals in the future. Even mobile phone viruses do exist but lesser in number at this moment, and that doesn’t mean that your data at mobile phones are safe. So, your mobile phone or smart phone needs antivirus solution to protect your valuable mobile data files.

Over mobile anti virus market, there are a lot of commercial mobile antivirus for mobile phone such as Kaspersky mobile security, Trend Micro mobile antivirus, Norton mobile antivirus, F-Secure mobile antivirus and etc. But still there is free mobile antivirus available to download for your mobile phone.

Over here, I have listed free mobile antivirus application that support various of mobile phone and smart phone operating system such as Android, iphone, Windows mobile and Symbian.

Free Mobile Antivirus List:

Lookout Mobile Antivirus

Lookout Mobile antivirus is mobile security software that comes with mobile antivirus and mobile firewall features to keep your phone and data safe from Virus, hackers and spyware attacks.

Beside mobile security, Lookout also comes with value added mobile features such as online mobile storage and locate missing phone features. The lookout online mobile storage allows backup all mobile data on your phone and restore back at any time via their online mobile storage. Meanwhile, Locate Missing smart phone features you to respond when your device is lost or stolen. Locate your device, sound an alarm, wipe your personal information — all remotely from the web.

Lookout Mobile Antivirus support mobile platform: Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and iPhone

NetQin Mobile Antivirus

NetQin Mobile Antivirus

NetQin mobile antivirus is a comprehensive mobile antivirus that using leading technology to protect your mobile phone against all the latest mobile threats. A Combination of firewall and real-time monitoring ensure your mobile device is safe and secure.

Meanwhile, the free mobile antivirus is easy to use and enables you surfing web and download applications without concerns of virus attack, detects and removes leading malicious mobile threats and while simultaneously enhancing overall mobile performance.

NetQin Mobile antivirus support devices are Symbian and Windows Mobile.

AntiVirus Free

Antivirus Free AndriodAndriod AntiVirus Free

Antivirus free is a basic android mobile antivirus that provides ongoing scanning and cleansing of Android devices, protecting against viruses, malware, OS exploits to ensure the integrity of applications and data. DroidSecurity SMS filters provide an additional layer of content security, blocking spam text messages and SMS exploits. In addition, DroidSecurity alerts users to suspicious new applications or possible mis-configurations ensuring phone operability.

So, above free mobile antivirus list definitely can protect your mobile phone or smart phone data away from mobile virus and mobile malware threats. If you know other free mobile antivirus should includes on the above list. Let us know and share with our reader? Or share your mobile antivirus experiences with others