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Free Online Project Management Software


Projects management require a lot of planning, communication, organization and the right combination of coordination between team members. Project planning, document sharing and task management are made much easier with the addition of free online project management software. I’ve used a few different online project management tools before and these are some of the best:

Free Online Project Management Software List:


This is the premier collaboration project management service that many top companies use. It gives users the ability to create and manage projects, offers both public and private to-do lists, comes with milestones, allows for messaging, and uploading and downloading of files. You can track your time spent on one project and send notifications to team members about upcoming deadlines. Basecamp supports many add-ons and extras that help to expand its core services. It’s also available for mobile phones. Basecamp offers a free plan that comes with limited access to some tools, but you can purchase a full-fledged version of Basecamp or you can try it out for 30 days.
Manage your projects online for free - Basecamp

Central Desktop

This is an excellent option  thanks to it’s simple, toned down layout and the variety of different options for workspace. You can create workspaces for project management, database management, blog projects and start user forums. The software offers video tutorials to anyone who is new, this allows you to take full advantage of every tool and feature available. It also features instant messaging to team members, tells you who is online, updates projects and provides personal and productivity reports. The free version of the plan includes 2 workspaces, support for 5 members and 25Mb of storage.
Central desktop manage your projects online for free


This is a very flexible project management system that offers a variety of features including unlimited projects, 50 Mb of file sharing per user, charts, time tracking, history of revisions, importing and exporting of files and task management. Wrike guarantees 99%+ uptime along with free email and hourly backups. If you’re interested in trying out a 30 day free trial, then sign-up for their Premium or Professional accounts. But, if you’re not interested in spending money, you can still use the software, just not all of the available features.
Wrike - Flexible online project management system for free


Comindwork also has a lot of different features like: managing members, creating invites, project forums, milestone features, time tracking, history and the ability to search and find reports. The free plan gives the user up to 5 active projects, where you can assign up to 5 members per project, each uses up to 5GB of storage space. That may not sound like a lot, but those 5GBs can come in handy when you need to retrieve something in the cloud.
Comindwork - Online project management with all the cloud facilities


Huddle combines features like online collaboration, project management and file sharing by using social networking principles. It has a Facebook app that allows three workspaces, 1 GB of storage and an unlimited number of account users, all for free. Plus it links right into everyone’s favorite site: Facebook.
Huddle -  Online collaboration and project management tool


ManyMoon is a web project management allows users create projects, assign project tasks and track project progress over web browser. All project members can update their project task progress easily and notify other project members by creating a Bulletin.

Meanwhile, ManyMoon online project management also integrated with Google apps services, which you may share your project or task information with Google docs and Google calendar.

ManyMoon Free Online Project management

Project management tools set a platform for discussion, online collaboration and organization of activities. Virtual project management is more fun and enjoyable when a teammate finds it  difficult to assemble at the discussion spot in time. You can try this from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.