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Outpost Security Suite Free – Free Internet Security Suite


Outpost Security Suite Free, a free internet security suite from Agnitum security company which you will get antivirus scanner, anti spyware scanner, proactive malware prevention, firewall protection, and spam filtering, all for free. This free Agnitum Outpost Internet security equipped with comprehensive modern security techniques to protect your internet connected computer away from infections, data corruption and PC intrusions.

Outpost Security Suite Free

Meanwhile, the lightweight, highly effective scanning engine combines anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities to detect, disinfect and remove malicious programs automatically. Plus more, the SmartScan technology on Outpost Security suite can dramatically reduces scanning times by caching previous check results and handling new file modifications.

Besides that, the malware detection rate is quite impressive, whereby there’s no way Outpost solutions can be powered off by malicious applications. Whatever tricks these may use, Outpost preserves each and every bit of its file structure and guarantees ongoing protection.

The bidirectional firewall (network filter for inbound and outbound data) stops inappropriate or malicious access to your computer from both internal (LAN) and external (Internet) sources. As a frontline defense, it prevents malware from spreading or silently transmitting personal data, providing protection against hackers, ID theft, unknown viruses, and unauthorized program activity. It will also guard your wired and wireless networks against eavesdropping and internal breaches.

Another security like Outpost security suite free anti-spam will incorporates both traditional spam filtering criteria such as white / blacklists and keyword filtering, and more sophisticated spam analysis techniques based on Bayesian statistical probabilities. It can be trained to recognize what you define as spam, saving you significant time in dealing with incoming spam. Agnitum anti spam is compatible with most popular email clients.

Outpost Security suite is fully compatibility with modern Windows 7, Vista, XP and 64-bit Windows

Download: Outpost Security Suite Free 32Bit | Outpost Security Suite 64Bit