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Panda Rescue CD


Panda Rescue CD, A free rescue CD that able scans and deletes viruses on your system. You can download this Panda Rescue CD from their official site or you can install Panda Internet Security 2009, go to Services tab, and click Rescue disks to create an updated one.

The entire file size of Panda Rescue CD is 56.4MB if download from Panda’s website and 62MB when created from Panda Antivirus 2009.  However, it’s recommended created panda rescue cd using Panda antivirus due to downloading SafeCD from Panda’s website which is slightly outdated

How to Create Panda Rescue CD:

  1. To create a rescue CD, you must first download a file called safedisk32.zip by following the steps below:
    1. Click on the link below to download safedisk32.zip: http://acs.pandasoftware.com/soporte/safedisk32/safedisk32.zip
    2. Save the file to hard disk. You can create a folder called “c:\panda”
  2. To create a rescue CD, you must first download a file called safedisk32.zip by following the steps below:

  3. Decompress the file. You can do this in the same folder.
  4. Open your CD burning software.
  5. Then click on Open ISO image and select the “SafeCD.Iso” file in your “c:\panda” folder.
  6. Insert the CD in the recordable CD drive and select Burn in your CD burning software. Bear in mind that each CD burning application has its own options and the instructions may be different from those described above. It is essential that these steps are carried out in a virus-free computer.
  7. When you have created the CD, you can boot your computer from this CD and check if it is infected. To boot the computer from this CD, the BIOS of your PC must be configured to allow this. For information about configuring the BIOS, refer to the manual for your motherboard or contact the manufacturer or vendor of your motherboard.
  8. When booting the computer from the CD, you will be prompted to specify the language in which you want to carry out this process, follow the instructions displayed and the scan will start.

However, the only limitation on Panda Rescue CD is not able to delete viruses on Windows NTFS and Linux file systems. Which the rescue disks can detect possible viruses but cannot delete them, due to the security mechanism of these systems.

Download Panda SafeCD

Updates: New Panda SafeCD is available now.

The latest Panda SafeCD version is 4.4.3 includes some of the following new features:

  • New graphical user interface
  • Update signature file from Internet, beta sig or from local PC
  • Ability to choose individual partitions for scans

You can download the new Panda SafeCD version from http://www.pandasecurity.com/resources/tools/SafeCD.iso

For the creation of bootable Panda SafeCD, you can download the ISO images first then follow starting above starting from step 3.