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Picnik – Online Images Editor with new editing features and integration


picnik - online photo editorPicnik , An online images editor services very simple and and more intuitive than most desktop apps, enables you edit images directly through your browser without downloading any software. Previously, i enjoying using Pixenate online photo editors. But now, Picnik become my favour online images editor since their online images editor services has improves a lot of features and useful add-ons.

The new features on Picnik Online images editor services includes support for Picasa web albums, rounded corners to your pictures and Picnik bookmarklet

With Google making Picasa API public, Picnik online images editor services integration with Google Picasa Web albums on uploading and downloading photos has been improves even faster and stable. Beside that, Picnic Online images editor also allow people with more than one Flickr or Picasa Web Album account to change which account Picnik is using.

On images editing features, rounded corner on your images is possible whereby the photo that editor will be can adding rounded corner based on radius. Meanwhile, The rounded border can been changes with other color as you wish.

picnik - online photo editor screen

Another features is Picnik firefox extension, Picnik firefox extension is the fastest and easy way to get images from any website into Picnik online images editor services within one click. All you need just download here and install the picnik firefox extension.

Online image editing services has become very common. I start love using picnik online images editor services since their integration with Picasa web ablum and other applications as a additional service. Picnik is a terrific example of a RIA and enhances the user experience by its intuitive user interface and appealing graphics. Great job for those responsible for Picnik.

Let me know, Will you using picnik as your prime online images editor ? if yes, let me know how you feel on picnik services through comment section or you can recommend some other services similar like Picnik services.