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Tweak Windows 8 Metro UI with Metro UI Tweaker


After Microsoft released Windows 8 ISO(Developer Preview) for public testing, there are a lot of windows 8 tweaker appear on the Internet. Today we’re going to introduce Windows 8 tweaker tools called Metro UI Tweaker, which allows any Windows 8 user tweak few metro UI settings that are normally unavailable on Windows 8. Plus more, Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8 doesn’t require installation.

Windows 8 metro ui tweaker

With Metro UI Tweaker Tool, you can have the option of adding power shortcuts (Lock, Sleep, Restart and Shutdown, etc) to the Windows 8 Metro Start Menu Screen. So you can more easily access the sleep, shutdown, restart and other options. Besides that, Metro UI Tweaker also has the ability to pin any file or application to the Start screen. Adding folders, however, is not permitted due to restrictions imposed by Windows.

Meanwhile, you can even disable Windows UI Start menu, Lock Screen, modern Task Manager and the Ribbon Windows Explorer, which Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8 makes it extremely simple to disable either or both of these features.

Once you disable all Windows 8 Metro UI and windows explorer ribbon features, the entire Windows 8 metro interface will be changed like Windows 7 interfaces. Plus more, you are requiring restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

No Windows 8 Metro UI interface

Metro UI Tweaker Tool Features:

  • Disables the Metro Start Menu UI, Ribbon UI, Metro Task Manager UI and the Lock Screen.
  • Re-enables all available Metro UI options.
  • Add Power Options to the Metro Start Menu Screen: Logoff, Switch User, Lock, Sleep, Restart and Shutdown
  • Add any Application / File to the Metro UI Start Menu Screen: Some Applications / Files may not be available to you to add to the Metro Start Menu Screen. This program allows you to add those Applications / Files that would otherwise be unavailable.

Metro UI Tweaker Tool works under Windows 8 dev preview (32-bit and 64-bit) and can be downloaded from source here.

Download Metro UI Tweaker Tool For Windows 8